Improve cast Range of Summon Blight Fiend


at first i wondered why my Necromancer always walking a few steps before casting “Summon Blight Fiend”.

If you comparing it to other summon spells it’s range is way too low. Directly compare it with the Hellhound, because it has the same “dying and cast AOE Spell mechanic”, you easily see the difference.

Or maybe it is intended?

Greetz Nagumo

Seconding this. I’ll understand if that’s intentional, but it would be much more fun for my build to summon the living bombs where I actually want to.

Right at the Moment i’m still in normal and are steamrolling everything. But man i’m really afraid of Ulti, because of the “accidently running to close mechanics”.

Same thing with Bone Harvest --> The char is running to close, even if you have improved the range to nine. You see that, if you cast it on the dummys in Town.