(improve) Component stacking

Could we please get better stacking for components?

I’m aware that they are designed to be used even when incomplete, but who besides the newest, most clueless of players ever even does that? There is no advantage to it, beyond the absolute shortest of terms, and even then it’s an incredibly paltry one.

I think it’s time to have components auto-complete, and even more, the incomplete components should stack on top of the completed ones.

The way this would work would be to essentially combine the item icons/tooltips. An incomplete component will retain its present icon, but as soon as you collect enough partial components to make a complete one, the stack changes to a complete component. Picking up further incomplete components will display the number of partial components in the top left of the icon (as it does on incomplete components now), while the number of complete components in the stack would be displayed at the bottom right (again, as complete components do now).

Considering the enormous number of components in the game i really feel it only makes sense to reduce their inventory footprint this way. What’smore, having components autocomplete would avoid the ridiculous situation where you cannot pick up a partial component because you have no free space, despite having a stack of completed components of that type AND a separate stack of incomplete components to which the component being picked up could be added.

Hope you guys all agree this is a change due & overdue!

there has been an auto complete faction for ages.
as for incomplete stacking on top of complete that is just stupid.

Only thing that currently has to change is to increase the number so we can stack larger amounts. a cap increase basically.

What’s stupid about it? with so many components, why do complete and incomplete need to be separate items? All it does is needlessly occupy inventory space, potentially doubling the number of slots a component need take up.

If they just want us to have less inventory space, they could just remove one of the extra bags.