Improvements needed

Hi all. After a couple of false starts I have finally levelled a toon to 100 and am now trying the lategame. I am having problems with some of the bosses and would like some advice as to what to do to make the char more survivable.
Thanks in advance

I see you’re using Chthon’s build from

What issue are you having? That build should be fine. If your lifesteal isn’t sufficent swap the glove component for restless remains.

If your physical resist isn’t enough then grab a seal of might. If you need even more lifesteal then a seal of blades. Some of his augment choices on armor might be overkill on overcapping resists and you could trade them for Wendigo Lifescent powder. Like the solar storm powder can likely be traded in.

Maybe you got some really bad rolls, but you should be good to go?

Oops, thatll teach me for having too many tabs open.
This is actually my build

upgrading some gear is the obvious point, but here are some basic changes
since feral and upheveal dont proc from primal strike so we drop them for more points in wendigo totem – changed skill points a bit.
picked up ghoul in devotions. the extra leech and the proc should help with keeping you alive.
Added restless remains on gloves for the same reason.

Thanks for the feedback. I know the gear is a bit shonky but improving it is proving tricky. Hopefully the changes you have suggested do the trick.

No doubt :stuck_out_tongue:
I think you will be pleased by the increase in your ability to survive

I can confirm I am pleased with the increased survivability.Thanks once again. Now I just need some different purples to drop. I am beginning to think that the Ultos set is a lie.