Improving Cataclysm set

Hi, longtime reader of the forum and I finally created an account.

I have noticed that almost nobody uses full cataclysm set. The off-hand was used till it had the +1 all skills bonus. It has been moved to the set now. The set was not used before and it is still that way. Please change the set bonus from +1 all skills to +2 all skills. It will make it usable.
Belts usually have +1 to some mastery, so do off-hands and so do amulets. Therefore +2 to all skills would be in line with the game overall and make the set usable.

If not adding +2 to all skills then at least more crit damage to the set bonus or something else. The set needs more to be useful.

Actually, I would like to see +2 to all skills for 3 pieces since the set has amulet, offhand and belt slots taken

I have tried theorycrafting chars around the set but the lack of bonus points to skills is just too much. There is always something better you can use.

+2 to all skills will make it too powerful and generic.
I would prefer it to have more procs and shorten the CD or buff the damage of full set proc.

Even with +2 to all skills it would not become much prevalent in builds. Because it has no mods. And amulets and off-hands have mods. +2 to all skills would make it viable if you want to build around it. But there would always be something better if you don’t want to build around it (becase of mods on items).

After all the discussion surrounding a successful generalist set (Shattered Guardian) I’m skeptical about boosting up another generalist option. At the single slot scope it’s obvious to see how things like Beronath and pre nerf SR ward dominated the slot in their heyday. SG set has mainly served to highlight what gearing options are lacking, though I don’t see what alluring features cataclysm offers beyond the proc. It’s not overloaded with all around stat bumps like SG set so it can’t act as strongly as force multiplier on whatever your main skill is. I do not want to see another boring +good stuff set floating around threatening build diversity. The answer doesn’t lie in +skills. Toss -20 target’s resistances on the proc to make it a unique option where you’re trading focused bonuses for the devotion flexibility.

Or something like that. But -% elemental damage would be better because it stacks. Or reduced targets damage would be nice. Or reduction of OA and DA. Something like this could work instead of the +2 to all skills but it would have to be a big buff to compensate for lack of skillpoints and mods.

depending on values of each, type 2 RR can actually be more impactful since it frees up devotion points and a skill binding allowing for direct damage procs to be bound to better proving skills, or eliminating proc filler from the rotation.

I could go on about what the devs are liable to do but only one thing is certain. Zantai would ask for videos of build performance :upside_down_face:

I agree with him.
Especially now that the offhand has no merit and looks miserable.

Then add flat RR to skill. Add crit bonus to full set. And squeeze somewhere either damage reduction or OA and DA shred.
Or just add +2 to all skills.
One of theese should happen.

I’d say set needs around ~200% to Elemental Dot damage as well as dots on its procs. Otherwise it’s a net loss for a lot of elemental casters.

DoTs alone are not enough though. It needs more love. But good idea about those DoTs.

I’d say if the set gets 3 items equivalent of elemental dots + dot damage on its two procs it’s gonna be reasonably powerful.

Right now it just doesn’t make sense to use this set on 99% of endgame casters.

That still doesn’t mean that some other items with mods and + to skills wouldn’t be better. It needs something big like damage reduction, huge shred to OA, DA, flat RR or so.

Maybe you are right, something spicy besides elemental dots like flat RR on the proc would be cool and would open up a lot of interesting build combos.

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