Improving greens

I’d either take an increase in drop rate or for some of these hard-to-farm MIs to guarantee a rare affix, both changes might make it too easy to get good (but not BiS) MIs a bit too easy to obtain. That said though, I agree with the sentiment that getting a Vigorous Chains of Ordas of Mending or similar as a drop is pretty disappointing.

It’s also worth considering which MIs can be bought from vendors around the world as these are easier to farm than ones that can only be dropped.

Loxmere’s spawn rate combined with the chance of equipping multiple daggers is nicely tuned against how accessible he is. Increasing his spawn rate could only come with a decrease to loxblade equip rates or we’d have the grandest outlier of an MI drop rate that you could not match others to without having them drop multiple copies each kill.

I didn’t know that.

Also with a lot of new MI’s added there could be a change in color for them to distinguish them easily from other loot. Orange for example or something else.

Edit - I will add this to the main post.

Some components are orange though

Then different colour.

Unlikely. Been asked for before.

Some symbol as mentioned in that discussion could be OK as well.

Being able to check lox roughly once a minute at a (vaguely remembering) 60% spawn rate and a combined 58% chance to equip daggers yields an effective drop rate around 35% per run. Or something like 3 min per loxblade. Consider that you need two vs. a 2hander setup and we can extrapolate this to 6 min per a single general piece which feels about right when you look at the time it takes to clear most roguelikes (except the thrice damned PV)

If there were a portal in Port Valbury it would be better.

You can make it with GI

Was tried in AoM testing a while back, but wasn’t implemented. Didn’t really notice it myself during testing.

Colour would be best. Grey or brown is not used for anything I think. Brown would stand out.

there are color blind ppl you know :open_mouth:

They could have it like now for their colorblind option.

I don’t think it works like that. There are 3 different colour blindness options in the game.

I don’t even really understand what colorblind is. First seen it ever in this game. Never heard of it before.

GD has 3 different settings, depending on the type of colour blindness.

+1 to %100 drop chance of MI’s from rogue-like dungeon bosses.