Improving greens

If there were a portal in Port Valbury it would be better.

You can make it with GI

Was tried in AoM testing a while back, but wasn’t implemented. Didn’t really notice it myself during testing.

Colour would be best. Grey or brown is not used for anything I think. Brown would stand out.

there are color blind ppl you know :open_mouth:

They could have it like now for their colorblind option.

I don’t think it works like that. There are 3 different colour blindness options in the game.

I don’t even really understand what colorblind is. First seen it ever in this game. Never heard of it before.

GD has 3 different settings, depending on the type of colour blindness.

+1 to %100 drop chance of MI’s from rogue-like dungeon bosses.

Compared to Soldier, Inquisitor and Nightblade +1 belts, Port Valbury belts are a pure nuisance… I agree.

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