Improving Mr.Krieg

I’ve been playing this dk for a while now, and i always try to improve him, i can do crucible with s&b no problem 100% success, but when i switch to this dual wield setup, that i like much more its a hit or miss, sometimes i do it but sometimes rashalga kills me with her shit so fast that i can t even react, also with MoT up on her… aleksander is very dangerous as well, sometimes he 1 shots me with his meteor with around 27khp 3buff/1banner, yea i should run but with reapers after ya its a bit hard, also how can zantarin 1 shot me with high overcapped vit res with 27k hp?. I know i should change/upgrade my relic and maybe get direwolf, but dreadblade fits so well, any thoughts on improving his defences as i can clear it in 7-8 min so i think dps is ok.

I’m not entirely sure why Rashalga is giving you problems since you have mark of torment, ghoul and high native life steal. I guess bait out the red phase then attack her, and if she goes red again make sure warcry is on with all your buffs. If you still die with warcry and all defences on vs Rashalga then I can only think of using an aether cluster or possibly just adding the slithblood tincture would suffice. Courageous tincture is also very nice but perhaps you are against using them.

For Zantarin I assume you avoid the OHKO move that does %life damage. Otherwise he is immune to life steal and reduces vit res but he shouldn’t be much an issue to you in theory.

I notice some of your res have low or no overcap which means when resist reduction effects are active you have less than 80% res even with the blessing buff on. Overall the character is not especially tanky for crucible, it needs fast kill as when MoT is down it only has 18% phys res, average armor and 25% damage reduction. Without the shields blocks and no fumble/dodge it is going to be more spikey with such stats unless clear speed is great.

Besides those things maybe you are vulnerable to certain Nem combo (like double reaper) and maybe crits with certain mutators on like brutal or worse brutal+cruel can get out of hand with your DA?

Thank you for the advice, i very appreciate it.

No problem. It was more pointing out potential weakness than advice on what to change though.

If I was going to suggest a change then definitely direwolf crest to use a better relic. That will boost aether res so aleks can’t get you below 80% anymore with blessing. With Uro reaping relic you could try using master of death instead and shift more points into blitz (max siphon souls won’t do much for you I think), more offence could make things easier for you without needing to boost defence.

I also forgot about aetherward oil vs Aleks; the max res boost is especially nice.