Improving the auto attack animation

This is something that has been bothering me since release every time I play one of my Melee characters. The way auto attacks work right now, which is the animation you are looking at the majority of time while playing a melee mastery, is the same short movement your character makes over and over again with no variation. The proc passives add a bit of variety to this, but it is not nearly enough.

This is especially jarring in the new Forgotten Gods trailer where it moves from showcasing the new animations to the character flailing around for a few seconds while executing his big DPS left click move:

This is something that Ranged weapons suffer from as well, but since the animation for those is a bit more static it feels a lot less annoying to look at.

To me, the best way to remedy this would be to create a 3-4 hit looping animation combo for each weapon type, which judging from the new Spin to win and Hulk jump animations is something the Devs are more than capable of.

Here are a few examples of what I mean.

One hand:

Two handed:

Dual Wield:

I’m sure I’m not the only one that would appreciate looking at my max attack speed Blademaster without having to pretend that him moving his torso from left to right over and over while enemies explode around him is cool.

Thanks in advanced,
a hopeful Oathkeeper enthusiast.

Each melee animation set has 3 animations it randomly selects from for basic attacks already.

I think op is asking for those 3 attack animations to instead be 3 triple attack combo sequences. Each anim slot instead would be 3 animation sets.

I mean I’m not sure it makes a difference though, with high attack speeds it would all look the same anyway.

In a game where even minimal differences in animation length (as in certain wps) may result in considerable loss of DPS and build performance much depends on the number of hits per second… fancy combos with overhand crushers and flurries of thrusts… wrong genre, I dare say

But I don’t mean to say that enriching attack animations in aRPG is not a good thing to consider for the future

Interesting idea here, but I think that this would greatly interfere with WPS skills and the flow of the game in general if you are “locked” into the much longer attack animation. Even with high AS, it would be a DPS loss.

I think the existing variety of weapon swings currently in GD is fine. Doing something like the idea suggested here would be better suited for other games where characters simply attack.

If the animations are well done you even notice the difference when they’re blurry fast because of increased attack speed…just look at Diablo 3.
The animations are superb! Even when I’m playing a generator monk with all those crazy speed modifiers I can spot the difference between all generators and rune effects.

I’m just saying it’s possible…obviously Blizzard has a ton more people and the budget.

Maybe add some slash/thrust/crush mini effect on the attacked enemy,
so that players feel the power of their autoattack’s.

think of it as a mili-seconds-long mini animated icons that appears
near the hit point location, but its not part of the enemy’s model.
its separate.

i got this idea from the sci-fi dungeon-crawling game starcrawlers.
the game doesn’t show player character’s model, only shows their portraits,
while the enemy got complete 3d models, animations, and effects.

however, the game makes up its non-existent player character models
by focusing on effects attached to the enemy.
when players attack or use skills, the game shows noticeable effects
on the enemy (like the effects i mentioned above),
accompanied with satisfying sfx
(they’ve got unique sfx for each attack/skills).

This simple focus on minor graphical effects and sfx is what makes me love
starcrawlers, aside from the gameplay and world design.

another example: diablo 1 and 2 has very simple or even nonexistent gfx on
the moment weapon attacks impact on enemies.
but it got very satisfying and crunchy sfx on those weapon attacks.

therefore, a simple upgrade for graphical effects and sfx on repetitive
auto attacks is a good way to improve game replayability.
i support the idea of improving melee (and ranged?) auto attack gfx and sfx.

Please tell me the name of that game used as examples

I think that Oathkeeper attack radius skill should have a new animation at least, similar to Ring of Steel for example

Maybe Dumbo want auto attack would perform like a repetitive fluent combo animation rather than just pick a random attack out of default three.
And different weapon type could have its own unique combo attack.
Axe: Cut - Chop - Hack
Sword: Thrust - Slash - Cleave
Mace: Bash - Slam - Smash

Still I’m afraid this would cause severe DPS loss.

He just want some improvement for auto attack feeling with more visible and graceful move and i’m agree as like i suggested long time before in my ignored post ^^’ , let make the dream come true !
Your screenshot example are perfect !

My post

I’m not suggesting that the attack animation would lock you in place while the whole thing executes. You would still be able to move out of it at any moment or cast a skill. I also wouldn’t mind just adding more attack variations and playing them at random. Just make them different enough that it doesn’t look like you are doing the same movement over and over.

As Zantai said, GD already has 3 attack animations and you can’t add more with mods, it’s a hardcap. With the team size they have and the age of the engine, it’s probably not worth the effort. I understand what you’re saying, and I think it might be a cool change but honestly it’s unnecessary.

That’s King’s Raid.
It’s your typical mobile RPG. I’ve stopped playing it like 8 months ago and back then it was definitely the best out there. The character design is awesome and there were a lot of good team comps to use.
What really kept me playing though was that you could basically get everything in-game without paying ton of real money…characters, costumes, relic weapons. There was reasonable progress without a pay wall.

Thanks, BloodyMojito

To be honest, I think the default attack animations and some skill animations are not very cool. I would really appreciate more dynamic looking animations and agree with the thread starter. I would even say the two hand ranged animations look really bad. Combo animations would be cool, but not the anime arcade style that is shown above.

But I also have to say, this really is not what Grim Dawn is about. So I don’t care too much. Only thing I desperately miss are BOW animations :frowning: