In search of a new build

As the title says…my main is an 84 S&B Commando via Superfluff’s guide. I’m looking for something different and just can’t seem to settle into anything. I have a bunch of lowish (lvl ~20) DW toons created, a mid-70s Rifle Commando (Fire Strike), and a ton of other unfocused builds.

I love my main toon’s ability to wade through crowds dispensing pain at will. I worry about other build’s survivability in that sense, hence my next highest toon being a rifle commando. I’m looking for something to fire up…and I have no idea what to do…I think of DW (esp Fire Strike), but am unsure of its viability.

Somebody care to help get me unstuck?

Thanks, as always!

DW firestrike is very viable. Saboteur is able to ditch out quite the high numbers of dmg.


most likely out of date, not sure about the information in the thread, maybe somebody can chip in on that here.

Also DW Blademaster might even be stronger, but is a bit more gear dependant i think.


Of all the builds i posted here, this is my favorite- DW-Lightning Saboteur

And of all the one’s (including the builds not posted here) this is certainly one my favorite builds

I found 2 Lightning Rods and those seem to make an easy go of things so far. I rolled my toon as a Trickster, though…but she’s only in the 20s, so a reroll won’t hurt.

While lightning Trickster is decent i found Lightning Sabo to be much better.

For a trickster i recommend bleed

I don’t have the set pieces for the sabo…I wouldn’t have thought to use Static Strike because I always skip it on other builds. I’ll give it a shot

How would you suggest leveling the Lightning Sabo?

1-45 (Basically till just before entering the Necropolis)- Use Flintcore Bolts granted skill Greater Fireblast.

45- Switch to Fire Strike, no need for a point in DW line yet, just use Breath of Belgothian. Use any good fire dagger

45 onward- Level with fire till you get good lightning support gear. The main weapons (Stormheart) are a confirmed drop btw

What do you mean by “confirmed drop?”

Umm, you have a Fluffy Commando in Ultimate right? Use that to farm this

Yes, I’m parked in Cronley’s Hideout farming. I’ll have to move onward to Homestead…


If you haven’t done Blademaster yet, what are you waiting for?