in which another person complains about nemeses

…but from the other direction. The nemeses are optional content and I wondered if it would be possible to turn them off? Maybe with a tick-y box like for veteran difficulty? This might well be better suited to a mod, which I’m fine with but I decided to post here because most of the feedback I usually see is from people who are very good at this game and seem to enjoy calculating percentages for fun, I thought you might like to get feedback from someone who enjoys sucking at your game too.

As someone who doesn’t often finish games, partly due to laziness and a short attention span, but also partly due to regarding bosses as obstacles to continuing a game rather than an attraction of a game, I am surprised to find myself with a character in Ultimate difficulty. However, being in Ultimate difficulty does mean I’m starting to get nemesis status with some factions and I’m just not interested in fighting them. At all. I’m in this game to give npc’s sandwiches and to stack enough aether modifiers on Calidor’s Tempest that it makes the cool weird aether noise every time you cast it, building a character that is actually good is not on my agenda.

As stated, I do have fun being bad at this game and the nemeses spawns don’t change that, I just thought why not be sociable and share my stupid ideas?

Players have the strongest weapon on their side - the esc button.
You can use it as well.

Why should anything get over complicated for no reason?

Players have the strongest weapon on their side - the Uninstall button.
You can use it as well.

Why should anything get over complicated for no reason?

I could bold more, but - What? What are you doing on an ARPG then? Or am I old school and not understanding the true aspect of this genre anymore?

Wait, what? Am I too old school and misunderstand ARPGs now or are gamers becoming… this? I’m pretty sure this game is built to constantly improve your character?

Otherwise, please tell me this is a failed attempt to troll.

Well he has a different way of enjoying things and he isn’t saying nemesis should be nerfed or anything he is simply saying he doesn’t want to deal with them and would be happy to install mods that enable him to do so.

He isn’t trying to troll imo, he is actually being very civil with his views.

When you see a Nemesis, which is a rare encounter, you can ignore it. Maybe it’ll following you for a bit, but after some time it will stop.

Whatever then - I suppose always trying to improve your character isn’t for everyone. Just sounds like the Sims would be a better game if you want to feed virtual characters sandwiches.

Ah, sorry, I forgot how offensive many people find it when you don’t play this kind of game ‘seriously’.

I honestly never meant to imply that nemeses were a problem, only that as optional content, making them actually optional might be nice. I also never said that I can’t kill them, only that I don’t want to. I don’t find them interesting.

Of course they can easily be avoided, that was never in dispute, though I wouldn’t quit the game if I saw one, that’s weird. Like quitting the game when you are dying - why? You still lost, just admit it. I just thought, since almost all the feedback on this forum is from serious, dedicated players it might also be useful to represent people who just play for fun. And my feedback is that nemeses aren’t a problem, but they are something I don’t really want.

As for improving your character as you play, of course? I suppose my original comments were overly facetious. I guess I shouldn’t make jokes in feedback threads. But while I do improve my characters because, as stated by others above, that is fun, I only have 3 characters. Only one is in Ultimate and I only play casters because melee - yuk. And guns. are. so. slow. No thanks. Which means all my items are pants, uh as in not good, not trousers. I make do with what I’ve got and I still have fun because I like playing the actual game, not farming or smacking giant whatevers for half an hour.

Ultimately the main purpose of this feedback is I suppose more to provide feedback from a wider cross-section of the player base and to show the developers that people other than hardcore players enjoy the game enough to interact on the forums.

Not if he TPs you to him (Valdaran) or himself to you (Aleksander) or wtf1shotpwns you (Grava’thefuck) - in these cases escape is key, literally.

Oh, child, I think you’ve failed to grasp the full nature of your offence.

Not only have you suggested publicly that you have fun wrong, but by existing you’ve raised the possibility that Crate has been making money hand over fist from the wrong sort of people.

Surely you can see how you’ve tainted the entire gaming experience of each and every proper player of this sort of game?


People make me tired. Does it show?

This. lol

They are existant in game but you can ignore them, i admit don’t understand your point of view @ OP


I wouldn’t like a “toggelable” nemesis (if that is understandable), because it would take away the feeling, that something very dangerous might be lurking around the corner.

That beeing said: OP’s feedback is valid and honest. Plz no hardcorerino vs casulzerino debaterino. That kinda bs already has ruined too many gaming communities.

how would you get to nemesis level in veteran difficulty?

While I can see why you’d want this to exist I highly doubt there’s many people that share this view, or atleast enough for Crate to consider adding this.
I remember at one point getting instagibbed by Grava’Thul even though he was completely outside of my field of vision, the whole ‘walk away’ tip doesn’t really apply there. Nor does it really help against things like Kupacabra that run at lightspeed, can’t lose him unless you completely leave the zone he’s in. I’d support having nemesis be optional.

But Valadaran teleport skill has a cooldown and a range, so you can still escape him (and after Port Vaulbury is a rarer encounter). Aleks has 129483 spawn points and you have to farm the new aetherial faction to reach a nemesis status, so it’s hard to find. Gravalthefucktool can only spawn in limited zones, so avoid those if you’re not able to run. The worst nemesis was Kubacapacra when spawing in dungeons (death sentence), fortunately this got patched out. And Moo too can be hard to escape, but only in 2nd form and without freeze resist.

This is what I enjoy about running around an apocalyptic world setting. Something bigger, stronger, and deadlier wants your flesh.

I will admit my previous statement was pointless after thinking about it. We all have different viewpoints with video games. It was new hearing someone enjoys strolling through an ARPG casually. Playing Diablo and WoW had me hanging out with “elitists” too long.