Incendiary Casque skill bonus

This MI has a bonus to Flames of Ignaffar and a skill modifier as well. But FoI is, after AAR, the second most energy intensive skill in the game. It costs hundreds of energy per second to channel. Yet the MI that boosts this skill is a heavy armor piece without energy regen.

I don’t get it. Would have expected a caster piece or at least some energy regen, the -6% cost does not come close to 3-4 base regen I’m afraid.

Assuming you have 800 spirit, 3-4 Energy Regen would be 9.25-12.33 per second.

6% for FoI at 16/12/12/X and 0% Cast Speed comes out to 13.2. That value only grows as you stack Cast Speed or overcap the skill.

Interesting, with various total regeneration bonuses from devotion and items I think it’s more or less a push then. Other skills do suffer a bit I guess.

Anyway it’s all theory since finding one with the affixes I want is not going to happen any time soon.