Incendiary Casque

Does this thing drop at level 85 at all? I’ve spent hours farming Cronely to Nemesis and have spent even more hours doing Fabius runs and I have yet to see one drop so that I can craft a Mask of Infernal Truth for my pyromancer.

It’s more than a little frustrating that it’s needed for the recipe if it’s THAT rare of a drop. :frowning:

Yes it does drop. I have farmed a few with my lvl 85 to craft with.

Guess I have just been extremely unlucky so far. Even doing coop with a friend and he hasn’t seen one drop either.

Most MI take time to find.

I was farming it with my two friends over 3 hours in co-op, its very hard to find. Yesterday I droped another one on Elite while leveling my alt, If you want I can give it to you since I dont need it anymore. Let me know -> PM :wink: