Incoming Auto-Loot for Components/Crafting Materials! (06/21 Livestream Spoiler)

Thanks for the Info @ Zantai :zantai:!

As the incomming auto-loot-feature will be a comfortable thing, i wonder if this idea (i digged a little bit and found this from 2016: Organize component list in blacksmith by category) would fit in with it… :thinking:

Especially for new players scrolling up and down the component-list in blacksmith is a really time-consuming issue.

Thanks for the prompt communication Zantai!

Been holding off on Grim Internals to avoid becoming dependent on a mod that gets broken which each hotfix/patch, hoping against hope the autoloot feature would become baseline. Glad to see my patience worked out :slight_smile: The auto-combine for components is just icing. :slight_smile:

Thanks for this Crate!

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Thank you so much, I know this didn’t fit your vision but after 1000+ hours of playing the game this is a huge qol improvement.


Good shit, as I don’t use any mods/tools. This thing is very welcome.

Can’t wait for the component auto combine. Thanks for all the great work.


welcome to the forums!

It will be a very nice feature. Thanks for your continuos work on the game!

Thanks Crate! Love you guys :smiley:

thanks a lot guys. great work.

That’s pretty cool! It’s also nice that auto-pickup will have a toggle to switch it off. It could be potentially annoying in Multiplayer (sharing components for crafting by just dropping it to the ground for example - had this “issue” with GrimInternals).

While we are at it regarding QoL features: Are Health bars for enemies completely off the table? With the introduction of EoR health bars would really help.

My reaction when I read all these upcoming features.

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how about searchable stashes and/or the ability to name stashes for those of us making unlimited shared stashes by whatever method

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So incredible with how much passion you treat your games. GJ @CrateEntertainment

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Oh, that would be great. When I started playing I was looking for the option to name stash tabs like in PoE… If that technically possible.

yah just wishful thinking it takes time just hoping for a reply from mod…

Why would you expect a mod to reply? We don’t know any more than you do about what Crate are planning and even if we did we wouldn’t tell you. That’s Crate perogative.

I was conflating mod with Crate employees my bad & hope to see searchable stashes added where’s the harm in asking? However I AM very pleased with the decision to finally add the auto-loot of components bravo CRATE!!!

OOOH can’t wait for component auto loot so glad & impatient lol

Suggest you read the end of the opening post in this thread then.

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