inconsistent movement?

Not really sure what’s causing this but it seems like movement speed is very inconsistent throughout the game.

It feels like my character will sporadically speed up or slow down as I’m moving around the game world. In towns, I seem to move slower than out in the wild (possibly intended?). When out in the wild, my character will randomly slow down for some period of time, then speed up again. It’s a little difficult to describe as it’s more of a feel issue than anything else.

I thought it might be performance related as it almost resembles some form of script lag or input lag (not FPS), so I spent some time playing around with all of the video settings - windowed, borderless windowed, full screen, vsync, no vsync, triple buffering, low/med/high settings across the board. Even played around with external frame limiting.

The movement inconsistency persists regardless and tbh it’s insanely annoying.

Anybody else experience this? Is it a known issue? An intended feature? Just something on my end?

Are you wearing an item (medal, gloves or boots), which has the granted skill Survival Instincts?

Boots of Unseeing Swiftness?

assuming you’re not talking about actually being slowed through game mechanics, i know exactly what you mean

it’s something i’ve noticed since i started playing the game, and it’s always bothered me. sometimes some of my characters feel faster than others, and they all have 135% movement speed. i could never really tell a measurable difference in clear speeds, but i know what you mean about it being a ‘feel issue’.

sometimes i’ll hop onto another character to take some gear for the character i’m using, and upon switching over and running to and from the stash to kasparov’s apprentice i’ll feel like i’m moving faster (or slower) than the other character, despite both characters having 135% movement speed

for a while i wondered if it had something to do with differing running animations depending on what type of weapon is being held (i was convinced that running while dual wielding pistols was faster) but i don’t think there’s any validity to that

I’ve had the same feeling and I can’t be more specific than Most either. It’s just something a little odd.


I’m not talking about any in-game movement speed mechanics. No run speed items, not getting snared by mobs, or whatever else - nothing like that.

It’s just running around. I can literally just pick a random corridor in some dungeon and my character’s movement speed feels like it shifts as I walk up and down this corridor. I port to town and my character is moving like she has a bag of bricks strapped to her back. I port back and I’m moving faster… but a few hundred feet later that bag of bricks is back. On and off.

It almost feels like the rendering engine is lagging or something. Very awkward effect.

I haven’t played much due not having time. But in the past sometimes i noticed that my character’s speed is slow down a bit. However I don’t see any debuff icon. But after a few second it’s gone.

Yeah this usually happens when someone puts a bleed on me, but many times there’s no debuff but I’m still moving slower. Happens a lot on my Cronley runs.

Hiya folks. I’ve realized that there were certain things that made the clunky/rubberbandy movement more apparent.

  1. Playing at a low resolution
  2. Character walking through uneven terrain (makes my character move slow then fast then slow. Kinda like drifting in and out of slow motion).
  3. Lowering graphics settings.

My speed is mostly slow with very short bursts of random speed, with certain exceptions.

When I’m near a group(must be more than just a couple) of enemies, I speed up when running towards(has to be towards) them. They don’t have to be on-screen, I can use this as sort of a radar to figure where a group of enemies is.

It’s not just enemy related either. When I’ve cleared an area, sometimes the dude runs fast for a few seconds, then slows down again with no apparent reason.

In Fort Ikon prison, Anesteria’s room, the running speed in the room itself is fast, but the hallway leading up to the room is slow as heck to run. This is repeatable for me. Feature, or a bug?

No matter which graphical settings I have, the problem/feature persists. My framerate is around 100 even with settings maxed in the midst of a big battle, so performance shouldn’t be an issue.


Okay, might be the physics engine does not handle playing without Vsync all that well. When the Vsync is on, the guy is consistently slow. Vsync off, the speed varies seeminly at random, but I think it’s less random(read:not at all) than it looks like. And consistently at Anesteria’s room: Vsync on -> slow all the time, Off -> fast in room, slow in hallway.

Not sure if this is same problem as me. Everyonce in a while when I load up the game everything is bogged down and unplayable, laggy. Not just this game Diablo 3 as well and only fix I have found is to restart computer.