Incorrect Raider count



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I also get this all the time in the current version, the tooltip alerting of the raid is -always- wrong.
However, the tooltip alerting that the raid is over -is- correct.

What I have seen in 0.9, is that Raids frequently come in two groups, and arrive at the town walls separately. The initial count shows the entire strength, but when the first group is wiped out and retreating, the number changes to show just the strength of the second group. The casualty count, however, is kept as a running total of the entire group, so frequently shows foolishness like 67 casualties out of 48 attacking.
The final “Village Raided” totals, as far as I’ve seen, always show the total of raiders from all the groups and total casualties/damage inflicted, but the figures shown during a raid can be very confusing.

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