Incorrect Stats Displayed

Damage for items and skills seems to be drastically higher in the tool-tip than actually in-game. The stated damage does not match with online databases, and changes between characters.

Note this is an old bunch of save data, I’ve kept character from nearly the beginning of development, having play on and off through the years.


It’d be awesome if someone could let me know if this is possibly “fixable” or if a save-wipe is unavoidable, thanks.

damage on tool tips in game is multiplied by your % damage,
100% + %Acid + %Spirit_magic_bonus for Blood of Dreeg for example
in online tools it’s not. You can multiply it like this it you’ll see it matches

You have 19 Blood of Dreeg which gives 53 Acid damage (taken from Grim Tools).
You have 602 displayed in-game which means your 100% + %Acid + %magic is equal 602 / 53 ~ 11.36 = 1136%
which sounds about right for some leveling toon
I guess your %Acid damage is about 800% in-game

Ah, that makes sense. I suppose I forgot or never noticed.

I assume this only applies to the toon? I’m using blood of Dreg to boost my pets and certainly they do not seem to be getting 602 added damage, nor however does it seem like their +All% is being added to the buff.
(As in, added to the damage they get from the buff)

the dmg for pets/party members would be scaled by their own %dmg, you won’t be able to see what that amount (final flat) is

Yes, its base damage will be scaled by %pet damage instead. You should do the math manually in that case.