Increase chance to drop on boss exclusive MI items in earlier difficulties

Zantai’s planned for every boss in the game to have it’s own exclusive MI drop. And that’s pretty cool and we had few recent good MI items. But there’s something else, the drop rates. In Ultimate difficulty it’s great that you can farm specific boss for the gear you need, adds something extra for farming.

But in earlier difficulties - Normal or Elite you will most likely do the main quest and you will kill bosses only once, without extra farming. And with low % of drop you will likely miss gear that will improve your build. For example playing Blade Arc, you can get Balthazar meda, Mogara’s amulet and Cronley’s ring. In reality you will likely get only out of the three.

And items farmed in normal will quickly fall out of being BiS, since items rolls dramatically improve over time, so you will likely not benefit from that item for long period.

Also for farming, you need to restart the game to spawn back the boss. This isn’t ideal situation, since you lose your Malmouth XP potion. And finally some players use merits, so it will not be OP, since they can skip entire difficulty like elite.

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Isn’t that the point of randomness? Every character finds different items in his journey which makes playthroughs varied. This gives you a chance to find sth new even with your 50th character. Even now some items drop too often to my taste, becoming almost guaranteed.

That’s the trade-off you choose to make. Potion of clarity is not a switch in main menu. You make it sound obligatory.

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You will still find different items and remember MI items still will have different affixes. So my idea is to boost items that can drop only from one boss only. Stuff like Groble items for example or Living rings will still be random. But then again playing Udgenbog you will be swimming in rings, unlike Mogara’s Claws, your Blade Arc build might need.

Not sure if it’s feasible but perhaps making the first kill on every Boss for a character guarantee it drops it’s Infrequent, then shift to the standard drop rates could work.

I’ve noticed for quite awhile that you always get a set of Log’s shoulders in his one shot chest for example so the idea is there in some form.


I haven’t thought of it, that’s cool idea. If it’s not possible in current form, maybe GD2? :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree too that while leveling finding the suitable MI’s for your build makes things a lot easier, but since resetting the session to kill aimed creature more than once is mostly means lost XP potions; I would like to see increased MI in low difficulties. This will also help beginners to improve their build faster and also helps beginner build maker players for their self-found builds, because their leveling explanation mostly depends on these MI’s.


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