Increase level cap to 90 and make it harder

Hello crate !

First of all i would like to state what a nice game grim dawn is.However i would like to make a suggestion as title says, raise level cap to 90. This is for 2 main reasons :

1)Overall i think getting to 85 is relatavely easy, not too much time consuming and getting experience after a certain point is not hard ! Although i have to note that ultimate difficulty especially at the start with low resists is really hard

2)Most hot and nice legendary sets are made for lvl 75 chars. I mean once you have grinded your way up to 75,then when the real fun begins by wearing your set and getting all the nice bonuses, you only have 10 levels left and i feel like you simply do not have enough time enjoying playing with them.

I do not believe you will do this anytime soon (raising level cap and making exp harder to get) but are there any plans for the future ?

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I am sure there are plans to raise the lvl cap already. Crate is probably going to implement it with the expansion in the future (??)

well the game isn’t supposed to be like TQ, with an endgame looooong grind to reach max lvl. in GD you’re supposed to reach lvl 85 way before you end the game.

it’s not that i’m opposed to your idea of an higher lvl cap but with two skill points per level beyond lvl 50 it wouldn’t make such a difference either? ofc lvl cap will be raised with the expansion(s)

I sort of agree with this… mostly with the lvl cap being 90 part.

I don’t get why the cap was left at 85, since the time you unlock Ultimate, you should be around lvl 75 or higher, if you stay on Elite to farm for a while, and you can easily get to 85 before Ultimate Log, so it wouldn’t hurt to make the lvl cap 90…

Hah. The only reason it’s so easy to reach level 85 is absurd exp chunks that come from quests.

This is the same story from every game. Someone always wants the game harder because they power through it in a few weeks and then get bored. What else is new. Also by harder do you mean like in Diablo 2 were you get to hell mode and guys are unkillable because they immune to magic and physical? Thats the extent of hard mode in these type of games and honestly its pretty annoying when u get to that point anyways.

This ! The xp from quest in Ultimate is to high, it’s insane.

In just want the level cap raised to 90 so bosses would be level 100.

The ten extra skill points and five attribute points would be nice as well. I really want level 100 bosses though.

We WoW now boys

Wow obviously did not come up a lvl cap… lol

Depends on what you mean by future, the expansion should increase the level cap :wink:

I don’t know why, but I do actually like those long-tailed level caps where you become ‘end-game’ for skills at a point (i.e. 85) but then just get extra XP and levels (attribute point bonus) to the cap (i.e. 100).

Just feels nice to still be ‘progressing’ though really just looking for loot…

Judging from the current 85 cap, it seems they want to raise cap to 100 in expansion. So, they probably would not raise cap to 90 before expansion.

i would be more pleased if they add some lvl 80 and/or 85 items :wink:

There are sone lvl 85 rings that can drop from gollus as well as cronley. Depending on the prefix and affix

Just had a belt drop (just a Yellow One) with a level requirement of 90!

Just saying; don’t know if it is normal.

if u mean this belt i can confirm(well my is green one).

Create a bug report with the affix/es it rolled, please.

I’m guessing that the witchgods patch with the mini content expansion will increase the level cap to 90, and the paid expansion will increase it to 100.

Not really a bug. Most magic affixes have level 90 variants.