Increase max players to 6? Possible?

I have one desire: I want to play this excellent game with 5 of my buddies, just like the good ol’ days when we crushed Diablo 2, Titan Quest, and Torchlight 2 together. I’m not looking for critics, and I don’t want to hear why you think it’s a bad idea. I just want to know if it’s possible. I know that back in the day Runic released an official mod for Torchlight 2 that increased max players from 6 to 8, and it worked great. Anyone know if something similar could be done for Grim Dawn?

In beta, we ran test servers with 12 players, but I’m not sure a modder could do that without extracting dll files and repackaging them.

Wow! 12 players sounds like a beautiful mess of lovely chaos. :laughing: I played through the aforementioned D2, TQ, & TL2 with the same 5 friends, and it is breaking my heart that we can’t play Grim Dawn together because of the 4-player limit. Especially since I think it’s the best out of all those games! If it can’t be done in mod form, is there any chance at all that it might be added into the game in the future?

We capped MP at 4 players for optimal stability for the average user.

Since the game is Person to Person (P2P), the host’s computer has to be increasingly powerful to handle additional players. Likewise, with all the skill effects on the screen from multiple players (we do not cull fx in MP), each individual will start running into performance issues as well.

Finally, it turns into a real visual clusterfuck, haha. It already gets nutty with 4.

So officially, we would not raise that limit.

Have you played the Atlantis expansion with your 5 friends? I only played with 1 friend and performance was bad. Far worse than the base game and the other expansions.

@Zantai I assumed something like that was the case, but it hasn’t stopped me from wanting to try. Grim Dawn running slowly/messy with the 6 of us is much preferable to having 2 of our friends sit out because we don’t have the option at all. Even if it’s less than ideal, I really hope there might still be a way somehow.

@eisprinzessin No, we played the original disc copies of TQ and Immortal Throne. I believe Atlantis was added after THQ Nordic acquired the title? We never touched the anniversary edition. TQIT ran with zero problems for the 6 of us.

I agree please add 6 player the best .

I am fairly determined to find a way to modify the game to increase the max players. Per comment from @Zantai, I began researching how I might decompile the .dll files for Grim Dawn and repackage them. Here’s what I found out:

  1. It does not appear that the Titan Quest / Grim Dawn engine was compiled using Visual C++. All 3 Visual Studio decompilers I tried returned a “not supported” error.
  2. After doing some digging, I found a reference to an old thread on the former Titan Quest forum which suggested that the Titan Quest engine is compiled in standardized C++.
  3. Recompiling C++ without the source code appears to be extremely difficult. The decompiling process looks like it might be way over my head.

I am pretty amateur when it comes to coding, but I’m not a total noob either. I would like to think there is still a way to make this change. Anyone more experienced than me have any thoughts on this?

Maybe ask on Grim Dawn Discord:

Not sure if this can be done this way but maybe also try some hacking with Cheat Engine:

(it may just only be info not a real change though) ?

You can also try asking GlockenGerda about it.

I played it alone at 5 fps. :scorv:
12 player mp with all skill effects and auras. Imagine farming SR like that. :open_mouth:

I messaged GlockenGerda, and like a TOTAL BOSS she found the hex value for me!! :open_mouth:
Tested it out, works great. :smiley: I cannot describe how happy this makes me. Finally I can make my favorite ARPG work with 6 players! It still needs some work, though, because the difficulty scaling is all jacked up now. I’ve already made a mod for that before, so it shouldn’t be too much work. I’m going to ask a moderator if I’m allowed to share my modified DLL files or not. I don’t want to accidentally break a user agreement or something, lol.


Regardless of the response here, a guide (or even just the hex value to change) would be much appreciated by many, myself included!

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Also would much appreciate a guide on how to increase the player limit via hex edits.

I have gotten several private messages about sharing the files for 6-player support, so I thought I’d take the time to write a quick update:

Unfortunately, it’s not so simple as changing the number of slots to 6 in the DLL file and everything works fine. Every time you add a player into the game above four, it screws up numbers in the database. Player base stats, enemy stats, experience gained, loot drops, etc. It’s kind of a big mess. I could just share the DLL, but it’s not going to be a very good experience without first creating a mod that fixes the stats and balancing issues.

Earlier this week I networked 6 laptops to do some testing. I think I now have a bearing on what needs modded. However, the mod will probably need to be split into 3 separate mods, one for each of the 3 difficulty levels. Putting it into a single mod would probably require additional editing of the engine.dll, which I don’t have the resources to do. Once I have a real start on things, I’ll create a topic and share my progress.

Also, for those who have asked if the game can accommodate 8 players or more, the answer is yes, but each additional player requires additional work.


Hi! I just created my account to ask you if you have any update for this.
We are 6 friends wanting to play this awesome game together.
Is there really any option to increase the max players?

look here, not sure if up to date

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