Increase Monster Density, add Totem, or POI in this area

After some area that previously uninterested or empty have increased in exploration value with the addition of totem. But after leveling a new character, I realize some area are still quite empty and I found myself just skipping everything from portal to portal. Area that I found still lacking point of interest and my suggestion for each area are below:

  1. Barren Highland

    After the shrine there is only normal monster spawn and with any luck you’ll meet with a hero mob, add another savage totem with different spawn than the one in broken hill should make things more interesting than just casually walk towards the smuggler pass.

  2. Smuggler Pass

    Smuggler Pass already have fixed boss spawn, so there is still a reason to portal towards the rift, but the upper area of the rift is still looking bland with only 2 bounty spawn. The area already have mistborn and atherial monster, perhaps adding a aetherial totem near the aether patch can works here.

  3. Withering Field

    The problem with Withering Field is the low monster density, perhaps adding the boss that spawn from the Homestead rift to the middle part of the field after you finish the secure the rift quest can do to make the area interesting after you finish all the quest.

  4. Fallow Field

    Same cases as Withering Field, low monster density in this area and the spawn are too widespread. Adding another fight between the chosen and order or legion and chtonian or just increases the chtonian and bloodsworn presence in this area should do good.

  5. Gryver Mill

    Thankfully the patch add totem and the Mill got 2 different totem spawn, but the southern part of the mill only be visited during the cleansing of the mill. On Darkvale Bath House note there is a mention of “Herod Feldrin, Darkvale Carpenter” the one who created the blood collection services (?). Please adding him to this area as a farmable bloodsworn boss.

  6. Asterkarn Road

    Now this place is the last place that I found to be casually skipping, there is 2 totem location in the area but they are of same spawn group. Adding treasure trove inside the walled area might help, the treasure trove location can be inside the wall, the wall above bysmiel secret path, and western part of Zantarin/Iron Maiden spawn on Fort Ikon.


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