Increased [MOD] Mastery Limit

Because 30 slots isn’t enough.

Yes please! It was great when it was increased to 30, but more would be even better!

I can not find any more classes, because now so much are very similar.What is it 5 Necro / Pet classes to have, in principle are all the same.
Tank / Heal-direct / Heal-over-tet / DD-DD / AOE-DD / Buff-Support / Pet-DD / Dot-DD.
And of it maybe two types, which should be enough, everything else is already too similar, you can mix anyway 2 classes. But that is only my personal opinion.

Thank you !


just add another 0 plox

300 is gud

yes yes yes yes, I’d like increased skills limit as well, I had to do “miracles” with my Wizard to fit all the skills.

More mastery slots please! Doesn’t have to be 50+, even 5-10 more would be a god-send! :slight_smile:

I agree, more Masteries the merrier. Even a 100 mastery limit would be sufficient.

More masteries plz!

This is especially important because when they release new masteries with the addon, current mods that already have 30 must cut two.

yes please

Couldn’t agree more. One can never have enough masteries.

1000 more mastery slots puh-leez!
Ok, ok… a few more would be very welcome indeed



Please don’t bump threads unless you have something meaningful to say on the topic. It just creates clutter and the devs have already read this thread and already know people’s wants.

Edit: If you are looking for a dev response, then they will answer when they want to. Bumping threads doesn’t encourage their response.

heh… this forum is so funny…

ok man, noted!

Troll bump

I heard a rumor that they were actually planning on removing mastery slots. :o

That’s what I want!

Troll bump response! :rolleyes:

Sure, trash thread clutter is a problem on this forum. Until a mod or dev says otherwise we’ll continue to clutter with our trash. So unless you have something to contribute to the clutter, mind your own damn business.:):p:D:furious:

Where did you get that from? I would rather see no more updates than an update that removes mastery slots.