Increased Projectile Speed - the forgotten modifier

The “Increased Projectile Speed” modifier only exists on 2 distinct epic quality 2H guns in the game, The Eye, and the Sharpshooter’s Bolt Rifle. It feels like this modifier was a carryover from Titan Quest (where it was used more frequently) and has largely been forgotten about.

Sadly, for those that enjoy the faster projectiles, the options just aren’t there right now unless you resign yourself to an epic 2H.

This modifier has a lot of visual appeal as well as some slight benefits in combat such as longer range (projectiles travel further before disappearing), and slightly better accuracy against moving targets.

I’d love to see some additional legendary 2H guns and even a legendary 2H crossbow given this modifier in the future. I think it could be added to several weapons without having a significant impact on the weapon’s power level. Valdun’s Rifle and the Harbinger of Eternal Suffering are both prime candidates as they are described as being used by expert marksman.

Agree, this is a very fun modifier.
Probably has some unexpected side effects as well that open up new builds.

I agree with the suggestions, it’s a unique mechanic that should be explored.

I do disagree with them being added to Valdun and Harbinger, they’re both tier-0 ranged builds. They don’t need more buffs.

Speaking of unique 2h rifles, we still don’t have Mythical Will of Fate yet


Weird to call Valdun Rifle a tier 0 when it’s considered by many just a mediocre weapon.

I agree with the OP, increase projectile speed needs to be in more items. It made ranged builds hilarious in TQ because of how far you could shoot.

Which is probably why it’s a rare stat. It also applies to spell projectiles including those arcing fragments. Inc proj speed causes weird things and certain fast moving spells become a blur with how fast they will travel if you manage to stack enough speed.

Yes, this is potentially a very interesting stat and it’s wasted right now.

If it’s limited to appearing on 2-handers and no other slots, this should not be a problem.

Maybe remove it from those two epics and add it to an underused mastery skill instead - Overload, Fabric of Reality, Merciless Repertoire, Mogdrogen’s Pact, Veterancy, etc.

I like the way you think.

But then you can combine it with other things like Dagalon guns, I can see some potential there for hilariously broken builds.

100% passthrough plus 50% projectile speed = clearing Hargate’s Isle from Ft Ikon?

I’m into it.

I’d also like to be able to Blitz/SS Krieg from Bourbon’s office, so let’s talk about what would make that happen.

I think some people are vastly overestimating the power level of increased projectile speed as currently implemented in the game. In practice I can hit the target dummy from slightly farther away, but that’s it. It is not possible to stack it to absurd levels in Grim Dawn, and I’m not arguing for that.

It is mostly a fun modifier that brings some minor benefits with it. It is fun to see the projectiles, be they normal or enhanced by one of the various damage glows, fly slightly faster. It isn’t going to be rewriting the rule on weapon tier lists, whatever those happen to be these days.

Primarily, I’d like to see it added to more 2H weapons for thematic reasons. As it is very easy to build overpowered builds in Grim Dawn, I have more fun building thematic ones. The modifier is in the game, so why not use it?

It is not used on purpose.

And welcome back to GD and the forums :slight_smile:

It is on those two epics, no?

Exceptions for the players’ enjoyment.

Thanks, I didn’t realize there was an official reason it wasn’t being used, but I understand the decision and why it was made now.

I loved the hunting mastery in Titan Quest and the projectile speed boost granted by the Marksmanship skill was a lot of fun. My ranged archer Sage was one of my favorite characters. I guess this is why I was hoping to see more of that here.

I am excited about what upcoming rune augments with abilities like disengage and rift tear can do for ranged characters.

Thank you! In truth, I mostly lurk these days simply due to a lack of time. I should find time to participate here more. Grim Dawn is exactly what I hoped for when I excitedly signed up here in 2010 and threw money at medierra at the first possible chance. :smiley:

I’ve got 500+ hours in Grim Dawn. A small amount compared to some fans here, but a lot for me given the size of my collection and how many games and genres I enjoy.