Independent Fantasy Film "Broken Swords: The Last in Line"

So this is definitely off-topic other than it has a #fantasy connection. But since we’re all gamers some of us probably love the fantasy genre I wanted to let everyone know that my feature length film (shot in 2017) Broken Swords: The Last in Line is actually now available at Walmart across the country. This is a big first for us. You may have to ask the manager about it because it’s not a gigantic release and is sort of trickling out into the stores but they can all get if you ask. If you’re looking for something a little different, an original world not part of any franchise, maybe give it a look.

The website for the film is if you’re looking for more info about it.

VoD is probably going to be sometime next year because the distributors will be marketing it for hard copy first. Oh, it should be appearing in Redbox in the next couple of months as well.


(and for some reason if this is against policy I profusely apologize, I’m just pretty excited about what’s happening with the film right now.)


This is awesome :clap:
I’m very excited for you and your team! Wishing you great success!

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You made fantasy movie? Wow, that is so cool, I wish you big success!

Also hope to see it broadcasted on TV in my country (other countries too) in the future.

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Thanks, man! It was a big surprise for us because our sales agent didn’t even know. They didn’t think they’d drop until next year so they hadn’t even told us. I found out because one of our crew members from the shoot saw it in a store and texted me.

I was like:


Thank you very much! They have been working on international sales as well. Apparently all this year the market has been really slow overall but they think it’ll probably sell early in the year.

Also, it’ll most likely hit VoD all over the place in the spring. Big TV market in January that they’re gearing up for as well so they’ll be more news first and second quarter next year.

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This is pretty darn cool! I’ll have to swing over to Walmart today, I think!

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Thank you! And let me know what you think.

Bit of a delay on my part - holiday shopping interfered - however, so far I haven’t been able to find a copy (checked 2 Walmarts in my area so far). But I will keep looking!s

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Hey, thank you! Just an FYI. Jan 7 is going to start showing up in more retailers. Target. Best Buy. Amazon. You can actually pre-order it.

We’re trying to keep the main website up to date.

I seriously appreciate you keeping an eye out for it.

Dude. I’d love to check out the film, but I’m not based in America - any advice on how I can watch it?

Full disclosure: I’m pretty broke too so I can’t afford a blu-Ray copy, though I wouldn’t mind forking over a couple of bucks to stream it!

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Our sales agent has been working all year on both domestic (Americas) and International Distribution. They told me last we spoke (about three weeks ago) that the were working hard to try to close deals but this past year (2019) the international market was down because of various economic issues. I do not know yet what deals they did reach but they’re also taking us on one final international round first quarter of next year. Soooooo. That said, we’re hoping international drops at some point but no word yet.

As to VoD. That we’ll be coming sometime early next year. Typical sales works in a cycle. Theatrical Release (which we did not get for obvious reasons), Hard copy DVD/Bluray, VoD. They try and maximize the sales from each cycle before they move to the next so it should be 1st/2nd quarter next year. I will definitely post back here when we get our VoD drop. My instinct since we’re actually available on Amazon for Bluray sales is that we’ll most likely be on Amazon for sure for VoD. But strong indication we might be on Netflix and Hulu as well.

Sorry don’t have much more information and this was probably way more than you want, but this business is insane with how much is hidden to the outside. :smiley:

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I don’t doubt. I’m guessing vod is streaming?

I saw it in OP but didn’t know what it meant

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VoD. Video on Demand. Yes that’s the industry term. Apologies. There is so much stuff about this running thru my brain i can’t remember what is common knowledge and what isn’t. :flushed::pleading_face: