Infernal Knight caster : let's share ideas.

I Finally got the IK helm recipe that i was missing and my brain started to think about this, basically because:

  1. i find the set looking sexy
  2. it’s about time i had a reason to farm Zarthuzellan for an overpowered version of his codex.

This is what i had in mind on paper

Note : i left mines out (despite the fact this set directly buffs em) cause i find em somewhat abysmal in terms of funcionality, i mean fire res reduction is great but 8 on 10 they will just lay on the ground and watch you with a sardonic smile. Few points in this skill would be cool but i hate it.

I realize Sorcerer could be a great combo as well for a build like this (maybe even better i still have to take a decision). Basically what occultist offers me is the usual elemental res debuff and blood of dreeg, which means OA buff+heal + huge poison res + 12% phys res.
Going arcanist doesn’t offer a direct res debuff (except for OFF) but a whole pletora of nice stuff : maiven sphere, inner focus, huge burn dmg + crit dmg on elemental balance, huge fire and burn dmg on reckless power, mirror of ereoctes etc…

for itemization : offhand i’m 100% sure on Zarthuzellan’s, main hand i can’t decide between warpfire or

I was curios about how people made it i gladly accept suggestions, expecially from people who tried something similar to this in the usual “testing grounds” such crucible/endgame farming.