Infernal Knight is this bad?

I tried only Sr 70, i managed to do the 3 chunk, bu to be honest i died 10 times…

Infernal Knight build

This was my attempt

Frankly i don’t care if i die, but die like with that dmg is ouch… Mostly i got 250 300 k dmg minimum, not 120…

Is there any viable SR 75, Cruci Infernal Knight theory or build that capeable?

As I know John Smith did 93 SR with his Infernal Shieldbreaker

I found that’s the only was we can use that set? I don’t want to use greens.

Hm, I’m not sure that without greens the build can’t do SR well. At least it should be 75. May be the point is in practising

Yeah checked his video and he used potions too. Have the same problem that i has piloting and low on DoT.

it’s normal for dot builds, dmg is shown once per second, but really it procs many times.

I will try to experiment with infernal soon, so would be able to answer maybeb the day aafter tomorrow.

I just want to do soem pyromancer purfier, elementalist IK build, but turned out that the most tanky purifier is dying too much times. If u can do withput greens that qould be good.

Anyway Ulzuin got that buff, but IK is same as one before.

Inquisitor is not made for SR when the other mastery is defenseless demo unless you go for an armored aatacker like with Justice set. 11k health, 2k armor, 10% phys res, some small holes in res overcaps, pretty obvious. It’s not the set’s fault.

Btw why are you using flat rr to Flashbang conduit when you got BWC? Also, by the looks of it, Bat doesn’t seem to be enough for sustain. With no serious weapon dmg except the relic skill Ghoul doesn’t seem to do much, either. I’d try to incorporate Behemoth and health regen conduit instead, like on that very good mortar build (forgot whose).

I think behemoth+regen conduit is ok for pyro, for another bat should be better.
But infernal is a set for shieldbreaker and you are even dont mention him.

If somebody run out of bwc got another rr option. I just want sure. Stil i don’t think the change will be save that theory… May be i will try again with vindictive flame bonus.


I manged to do, but took me 4 try.