[Info] Pet Stance Tweak

Hi everyone! Well, I was looking for this cause I’m tired of always changing the stance of my pets to aggressive every game… Thanks to an old forum of Titan Quest I found, it’s not that hard! I still need to “over” test it but for now, I’ll just write it… If you use it, just give a thanks!

What I did:
There seems to be 2 ways to do it (which are linked to the same but are attacked from different ways!). The second way would be to change EVERY file… the 26 dbr related to one pet (and do it for all pets)… A pain, here’s a faster way!

  • The records/controllers/pets/controller_“petname”_“aggressiveness”.dbr are the files you want… “petname” can be hellhound or raven (or others) and “aggressiveness” is normal, aggressive and defensive (we’ll use normal and aggressive)

  • You just need to do a switch (rename _“petname”_normal to aggressive and vice versa) .

  • Remember that you need to go in the AssetManager and rebuild…

  • And now, you must NOT change your Stance to aggressive (since it’s now normal! )

There should be a way to switch the tags “normal” and “aggressive” (only the text or picture) but I don’t know…

If anyone can help, that would be nice!

Changing the picture is done in records\ui\hud\hud_petaggressive.dbr and it points at the appropriate .tex file. Alternatively you can just swap the tex file names. ui/hud/hud_petaggressive.tex

Thank you!

By the way, if you have your Familiar on defensive stance, they will heal more often and at a higher health (I think 85% based on the controller AI).

Good to know!

Oh, I have another question… And please, if you don’t know, don’t search too much for it… It’s just for the “look” ! Is there an easy way, dbr or otherwise, to change the text when you right click on the pet? I changed the icon, the stance or behaviour and now the only thing remaining is the text below the pet… So that when you press aggressive, it doesn’t change to normal! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, thanks again!

That’s something I was looking for extensively because I wanted to actually modify the menu and add more stuff to the stances, including controlling loot behaviors and gear. Nope, can’t do it. That’s built in directly to the game’s exe file and even with debugging turned on I couldn’t see anything. (I was also looking for the EntityID of the pet) In order to change that, I’m pretty sure we’d have to dll hook the exe file and make the edit there :frowning:

So, too complicated! Thanks for the quick answers!

Happy modding!