Initial value corruption in trading post display values

Trading post bug with memory values after transfer

I have started a new game and with a new trading post i had gold in general. I did a transfer and now that total value after transfer, and some spending, is now my default value each time i open the trading post and transfer popup. if i click the slider in the popup it pulls the correct value from the variable database, but reopening the trading post gives the same bad value and is reproducible after a restart. HOWEVER, after multiple transfers and reopens this is no longer the case. It never created invalid gold so I don’t think its a value corruption, I think its an instantiation value in the display issue. Again, while it was reproducible after attempting to use the value it pulled the correct value. So I believe this will only be reproduce-able on a new save with a new trading post. I would consider this a very low priority since the value is not corrupted but could occur elsewhere with different impacts.

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