input on primal strike druid

haven’t really gotten any character into elite yet so could use some input on viability for later on
interested in trying out a melee primal strike character and went with druid mostly for iee line providing energy regen and crit dmg to stack with storm pact
and extra protection with maivens and 1pt mirror

grimcalc I’ve been theorizing with:

since primal is mostly aoe, should I include storm totem for bosses?

could use input on devotions too
since they weren’t in yet back when I played they are still new to me
based on other melee topics I went for behemoth and tree for the regen
and pickig up the 300 armor in obelisk rest is mostly filler to reach required colors so could possibly be filled more opimally

no input at all?

I just ended making 2H druid so here’s my suggestions.

  1. Primal strike is really strong but with Ultos’ full set Savagery outperforms Primal strike. Yes, it sounds weird paying attention that Ultos’ set is purely Primal strike set, but you will have enough AOE with nova proc from weapon and large Ultos’ storm proc from full set and Feral Hunger proc AND Savagery gives more single target damage + phys resist so needed in Ultimate + more OA and DA is never too much.

  2. Use wind devil (1 pt) + Raging Tempest (12 pt) + Maelstrom (1pt) to reduce enemy’s resistance. It is noticeable advantage.

  3. I also use briathorn (1pt) with maxed Emboldening Roar and resummon him like recasting a buff.

  4. Less attention to IEE and its line. You will end up with enough lightning conversion and phys damage bonus higer than elemental (except lightning).

  5. For devotions I use: Begemoth, Chariot, Dryad on lmb, and pick every hp regen except tree of life (it requires too many trash constellations). With Open Hand and Closed Fist in my rings slots I get enough HP regen not to regret giving up Tree of Life and much more OA and damage from devotions. Also use Kraken (AS + Crit dmg).

  6. As a result I got solid tanky char who can farm BoC and Fab and whatever with nice dps, nice OA to crit bosses often, and nice survivability to facetank Fab and crowds of chtonians mothelovers.

  7. I use riftstone on my weapon so I got move-skill and nice dmg nuke.
That’s what my tree looks like (1pt means I put 1 pt but it’s higher due to + Shaman skills).

Also tried Stormreaver instead of Ultos’ Stormseeker but missed it’s nova and set proc too much. Also 8% AS counts.

would prefer to keep it primal strike as I find the skill visually pleasing as well

wind devil would be usefull for the resist penalty indeed

not sure if I want or will have the 13 points to spend in briarthorn

tree also adds energy regen, while none of the others do
and I wanted to get the blue for the 300 armor in obelisk which seems really good from what I’ve read about it
though I agree eel and viper aren’t too spectacular could probably do with better ways to get 7 blue with 11 points
maybe sailors + ulo?
(btw devotions are unchanged in your grimcalc link)

early weapons I have available atm are conduit and wildcaller

I didn’t change devotions, don’t like to mess with it in calculator). Your devo set-up is more defensive, I use a bit less defensive and with more OA (playing without crits on a build with +80% crit damage doesn’t make sence for me).

Wildcaller’s Decapitator is cool wep, Empowered version also is.

With + sham skills you won’t have to spend 13 pts in briathorn, just about 8-9. For me it’s totally worth it, I have nowhere to spend points anyway (maybe in mirror for shorter CD but it’s a coward’s way) ).