Inquisitor build To farm crucible?

Hi guys i up an inquisitor juste for fun.
Hi is actually lvl 33 and still not chose 2nd class.

So i have the idea to lvl a crucible farmer so i need your advice for the choose of 2nd class and a good build To farm crucible.



If you wish to warm Crucible, I think Flames of Ignaffar Purrifier would be best.

Thks for your tips was thinking best option would be inquisitor + soldier for crucible cause have To be very tanky…
But i can .be wrong cause i need réaly play crucible just reading post about it.

I was joking :smiley:

Crucible likes either tanky or stuff that kites extremely well. In that regard either Tactician with a shield or some sort of a Rune of Hagarrad-based character will, in my opinion, do the trick. I’m not saying this from personal experience though.

So inquisitor + soldier would be best option ?