Inquisitor DA reduction mechanic - does it stack?

Hey there,

I have finished up an elemental Forcewave Tactician (inspired by the #10 of Zhuugus’ list) and came up with this:

I’m pretty much facetanking campaign, even Mad Queen without any components attached to the items. I’m trying to get a good crucible build with this tho. I feel that I’m low on OA, however, to do high damages so I decided to make up for this with DA reduction.

Now, the question is, does the DA reduction from the skills Blindside and Biting Cold (“reduced target’s defensive ability for x seconds”) stack? Do both work on bosses (I’m asking because Olexra’s Flash Freeze, for example, only applies the RR for the duration of the freeze and thus does not affect bosses, is it the same for Biting Cold?)?

Any comments on the build are also appreciated. I’m still trying to figure out the mechanics of the game.

It works just the same as RR. So Blindside and Biting Cold do not stack while Blunside/Biting Cold + Storm Vox will.

Reduced Target’s Defensive Ability sources do not stack with each other.

-X Defensive Ability stacks with the above and with other -X Defensive ability sources.

Thanks for the replies, I was afraid so. I just changed accordingly (

Well, now I think I just need better fitting pants and boots with high OA. I’m largely overcapped on many resists anyway.