Inquisitor Seal mechanics - question

Hello guys.

Inquisitor Seal is the skill that can attack things, and its damage skill “Rebuke” has +30% damage to Aetherials, Chtonians and Eldritch.
Blind Fury or Whirlpool can be attached to Inquisitor seal.

So here are my questions:

  1. If BF has % weapon damage, it would be scaled from player’s weapon damage or Inquisitor Seal weapon damage?
  2. How does the racial bonus work with the attached devotions? Will the Whirlpool have +30% damage to Chtonians when attached to IS?

My thoughts: Blind Fury attached to Seal procs Seal-centered, so it must achieve some bonuses, but there are doubts.

  1. It scales with seal’s wd, which is zero.

  2. It won’t work with seal’s racial bonuses. The bonus only applies to the Rebuke skill. Idk if the player’s racial bonuses apply though.

  1. Then all pseudo-pets like totems and thermite mines have the same wd? If I bind Hand of Ultos to Storm totem, Hand of Ultos will have no wd? And what about Wind devil + Hand of Ultos?

  2. Player damage bonus must be global and apply to everything, I think