Insane Doombolter - Vitality Damage Conjuror

Always wanted to make a build centered around doom bolts?

Well, now i put together some items to see how far i would be able to take the playstyle and i ended up with a conjurer(Occultist/Shaman) with less than 1 second cooldown on doombolt. Keep in mind this is an early iteration so i’m sure improvements can be made.

I am looking for criticism or feedback. I am also aware the rare items are not realistic - although, besides the legs, they aren’t impossible to get - the final result will probably just be less health and slightly worse guns than with perfect items - no biggie.

So what this is, is essentially a character for which i maxed the practical potential of doombolt - that was the primary thing i wanted for the build.

In addition to that, there are many other tools that supports the playstyle. Doombolt being a cd based build will have gaps in between doombolts so i sought to find abilties that can be casted in between and do not require constant spam to be useful. The end result is a build that has the following available to waste the masses:

[i] - Curse of Frailty

  • Devouring Swarm

  • Wendigo Totem

  • 3xCorrupted Storm Totem (pure vitality damage)

  • Doom bolt (less than 1s cd)

  • Burning Void (weapon component ability, 3s cd with enormous damage)[/i]

Build Theory:

  • Essentially I go for as much vitality damage and reductions to retality resistance as I can. Around 2650% increased with hungering void up. The items convert 50% of chaos damage to vitality as well.

The resistance penalties to vitality resistance are nothing short of enormous.

[i] - 34% Curse of Frailty

  • 65% Devouring Storm
  • 20% Will of Rattosh
  • 28 Manticore
  • 10% Ring
  • 15% Ring2
  • 20% reduced resistance for 3s(using burning void)[/i]

As you can see, it can reduce vitality resistance by over 172%. Which is an insane amount of reduction.

The burning Void ability will proc weapon damage effects like -21% reduced targets damage, % reduced resistance, life reduction and energy leech.

A potential problem i could see would be energy management, but that’s why it’s good that the build can both kite, place far cheaper totems that can handle the work, passively destroy those who attack it and when needed unleash insane doombolts to destroy all enemies.

So i’d love to hear what people think, if it makes sense. And if someone decides it’s interesting enough to try do let me know how it fares - I don’t have so much time to play and will be farming some gear before i even start it.

You know, there was a time when Time Dilation cut all your CD to 0. I made a retarded build then that could kill the Mad Queen in 4 seconds. In fact, it could kill all nemeses in under 8 seconds. Why 8 seconds you ask ? Because you would ran out of mana beyond that point.

I don’t exactly remember the specific details of that character but I had something like 7k energy pool. In order to achieve such a number on a Conjurer I stacked 3+ items with “of potency” suffix. This is one of the last videos for reference:

As you can see you need 6.5k+ energy to spam Doom Bolt at a competitive level.

Interesting to watch but that validates my thinking more than pose a problem.

There will be almost no content where i need to drop more than a few doombolts giving my side arsenal, and there will effectively be almost zero efficiency loss in the overall if i take a few seconds extra on a nemesis given the time it takes to find it. I don’t imagine i’ll be clearing packs with doombolts it would take too long to hit all instead i will use the side arsenal there.

In some ways you are right. However, there are three things you would have to address before building such a character:

  1. You are holding two guns. How are you going to do that on a Conjurer ? You would have to sacrifice a slot on the relic, medal or belt slot in order to dual wield guns on a Conjurer…
  2. You must counter the Dying God proc either by stacking health regeneration or using Sigil of Consumption. With the gear you posted, your health regen is actually negative.
  3. Solael’s Witchfire consumes enormous amounts of energy and I am not sure you can make full use of it. On the TD build I showed you, Solael’s was used because I was basically triggering Falcon Swoop non-stop. I believe you get more out of Sigil than the Solael line if a) you have energy and hp regen issues; and b) you are not using many skills with WD% in them.

Good point, i haven’t duel wielded in grim dawn now for ages and completely forgot it.

I can sacrifice something, possible relic, for that. Relic is really a bit random anyway i think.

I have many many life leeching abilities, for example wendigo totem and devouring swarm, as well as 20/16 blood of dreeg, life leech will not be a problem.

I am not sure what you mean about solaels? Maybe i am missing something but 3.6 energy per second is entirely insignificant.

Interesting build. I might try it actually, cheers for an idea mate.