Insight from vets on Purifier (DWguns fire/light)

Hello there
Long time lurker, being again right into the game.
Been using this build to farm in main and cruci till 150. Too squishy and not enough stun res to beat 170. Could work with bless/banner support but with much effort on concentration to not get stomped.

Any Insight on changing devos, skills, components/augments to reach more survivability (items, sets, health, DA, debuffs, etc)?

Personal opinion, so take the following with as much salt as you like.

Move from BWC and Flashbang to pick up 3/3 in 1h weapon fire strike and get Grenado high enough for 100% knockdown and lightning convert. You don’t have enough support for chaos damage for it to make sense, and using it only for the marginal -RR doesn’t make sense when Aura of Censure is giving you -30%. Beefing up your offense and staying mobile with thermite mines and grenades will balance out the loss of flashbang, but with the recent patch it may be worth looking into trying to squeeze out a few points for it. Your devos look OK but I am curious why you are not res capped in the GT link? I would worry about that first with comp/augs. Vendetta is not a great relic for Dagallon’s set since you do so little pierce damage - you may want to look at using one of the +demo skill relics instead. Conflagration is not a bad choice.

The 1H transmuter for Fire Strike is for melee weapons only. Grenado would be a waste of points I would say. Flashbang is a very strong defensive skill, he should keep it with 6 points in Searing Light.

If there’s not enough points for getting BWC on a higher level, then it should be scrapped as the physical damage reduction does not stack with Aura of Censure.

I was today years old when I learned the 1h transmuter didn’t apply to ranged weapons. Oopsies.

BWC is only a one pointer for the enemy OA and flat Resis-Reduction. Agonizing flames with the 7flat reduce conflicts with Deadly Aim mod that gives 24 flat reduce. Still usable on the downtime though.
-> 96 OA and 7 flat resis-red
further EleStorm-Devo gives 32 ele-resis-red and those stack with global flat reduse afaik

Seems fine for 3 points invested

25% global flat Chaos is transmuted with Ulzuins shoulders and the mods to firestrike from dagallon helm convert the chaos on the skill 50/50 to fire/light. Damage distribution is around 2/3 fire and 1/3 lightning.

Word of Renewel “permanently” overcaps aether/chaos by 10-15~. So all Res is overcapped by little.

Ignaffars Combustion will work as a replacement when affordable.

I see no conflict between BWC and AoC. BWC reduces OA and flat resis and AoC reduces damage from enemys. No conflict there.

BWC seems fine to keep for 3 points invested. I use it for the OA debuff.

BWC, Elemental Storm, and the Deadly Aim mod all have the same type of resistance reduction, “x reduced target’s resistances”, which unfortunately doesn’t stack. The BWC transmuter (High Potency) reduces physical damage by 18%, which doesn’t stack with AoC’s 16%, so it only reduces by 2% additive more. So that makes BWC a much smaller priority. But if you’re going to use it for OA reduction, I recommend putting a few more points into it.

BWC reads “reduced targets phys dmg” and AoC reads “reduced targets dmg”

“phys dmg” and “dmg” is not the same so it stacks from what i know. There is a thread about this somewhere. Could be wrong on my side.

Edit: 🤯 malawiglenn’s guide on game mechanics for beginners

flat reduce - the highest one counts. u are right about it, thank you

I doesn’t stack I’m afraid. It can be confusing. I suggest you get information about it and other mechanics from malawiglenn’s useful thread.

Thanks for the input. Now i can rethink some choices and tweak accordingly.

if both BWC and AoC hits same mob, AoC will overwrite BWC debuff if and only if rank of AoC is 17 or higher.

if AoC has lower rank, say 12, then BWC will take care of physical damage reduction and AoC for all the other damage types

yeah thank you. Now i can see through. Still useful for OA debuff and nets 2% dmg red in my case.