Inspect other players !

I think that when you inspect other players in your party you should be able to also see Skills and Devotions, and how many points in them ofc, and also “Stats” last section down on Char 3 in inv.
What are your thoughts ?

I play with friends. No need to spy on friends. ´nough said.

If you want to see skills and devotions, ask them for a grimtools link … or don’t spy on other people :slight_smile:

Main ideea is to see if they have more points than the game offers. Anti-cheaters.

play with friends and people you trust, problem solved !

> In a game in which modding is encouraged.

If one cheats with skill points, chances are one also cheats with gear…

On top of that I then need to sum all that stuff up, which is a pain. So the easier solution would be to also show skill points spent and devotion points spent rather than showing you the actual details. Gives you the info you want in a much easier way.

Dunno, I actually want to see how many times people died and secretly laugh at them and feel superior.

Very true ! Also attrib points spent would be nice to see next to skills and devos.

And for the Stats on Char 3 i really want to see time spent with char in game, damage dealt and monsters killed.

I think not about cheating, but more about build outline. So yes, I agree, we should see the skill tree and devotions.

Calling it spying is a vast exaggeration.

Thank you !

Dont want to imply anything but i believe only the one who cheats has something against people checking his skills devs and attribs, current and/or spent. Besides that what would be the problem if i see how other players play their build ?

Modding is encouraged yes, but you know as well as anyone that a lot of people like to play 100% legit. Others like to modify their character. Some like to go full-blown god mode. It’s irritating for someone to join a game with someone claiming to be legit when they modded all their skills to max level.

I played 1 round in crucible before seeing a dude was hacked, didnt inspect players before start, dont usually do, but will do from now on, and after that my damage dealt, as a bm, went to 735k, which i dont think it’s possible to reach as a phys/pierce dw bm, or any bm build imo.

So in one way or another it affects ur gameplay, u cannot get around that, but in this case it affected my char even after he left party…now my dmg dealt is from his bonuses. i had 420k…ish or so…