Interest to Grim down in crisis

just play through the game, once, on each difficulty, doing whatever quests you like (aside from main questline). You will hit max level in no time.

Do note that some quests gives one more skill point and attribute point, some which are locked behind the final quests. Getting to level 100 is not the goal of the game btw.

those ugdenbog flowers are just annoying rabbles with little rewards (they do drop ugdenbog bloom occasionally, but its much better to farm ugdenbog gloom from ugdenbog stumps and golems). just overcap your poison resist and ignore those flowers.

i think you won’t get to lvl 100 ultimate just by completing all optional quests and bounties (unless you repeat bounty quests for a lot of times. that’s inefficient and consumes too much time. people farm bounties just to max faction reputation and get some small amount of rare crafting materials).

i suggest you try leveling by grinding randomly from place to place in gd (adding roguelike dungeon, crucible, and sr to the mix to spice things up).

leveling are meant to be enjoyable in many ways, not just grinding massive amount of mobs in one place for a lot of time (there’s nothing wrong with this, but this method is the most efficient). do whatever you want to get to lvl 100. you’ll get there eventually. the rewards and challenges you get at lvl 100 is well worth all the time you spend in leveling up.

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The end-game content also require very good gearing and build knowledge and decent piloting. There is not need to rush to there as a new player. Take the time to learn about the game, builds and playing the game.

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whats funny is as annoying as those flowers seem at that point in game, on my lvl 100 DK, I love killing them as they have a chance at dropping a crafting component that you is actually highly useful to have for all the good things you can craft with it.

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Callagadra? :smiley: met her at my lvl 28 toon… sad

You also get this huge penalty every 65 seconds. Pretty sure you find an overall better belt in no time - e.g. by crafting 10 random yellow belts, which also can receive rare affixes.

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Do you feel like you learned a valuable lesson there?

Oh yes. Still that is a boss you can summon eartly and not beat. Like Modrogen