Interest to Grim down in crisis


I have reached all bosses on normal veteran difficulty.
I have reached all bosses that reside in the north but can’t killl them coz i am just 59 level character
I don’t know what to do excluding stupid grinding and farming up to 85 level (for example) to have enough strength to kill the northen bosses
All territories are investigated as well
What can it be interesting growing up from 59 to 85 level?

If you have well - thoughtful ideas, welcome


For further leveling you better continue with the second difficulty. Beat the final boss in the Necropolis, which you should be able to do.

Can we have a look at your char, so that we can advise you how to improve it? Go to, upload your char with the button in the left upper corner, create a link for sharing with the button below and post it in your response.


Thanks to your reply
My question is: - all rerritories are investigated by me and i don’t wanna grind and farm on known terrirories

You restart from square one on the the next difficulty. That’s just how the game goes. But after you get to FG in elite, you unlock an item that lets future characters start in elite. Same for ultimate.

It’s just the way it’s designed. You can skip expansion pack stuff on your future run through. You only really need to do the expansion stuff on ultimate.

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the best way to leveling is to grind a lot of weak mobs, instead of grinding champions & bosses. you grind champions & bosses for rare items. Bastion of Chaos is one of the best leveling area in main game. there are soooo many chthonic weak mobs in there. yes its boring, but its quite efficient for fast leveling.

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You are literally standing in front of (in the pic) the only actual way you are going to see slightly unknown territories now. This is the game and the way it works and the honest truth is that there is little discussion to be had beyond telling you to move on to the next difficulty and replaying it all over again, and then when you finish that difficulty you then begin the next difficulty after that. Other than that you can mix it by diving into SR or trying out some mods. Very few mods tho offer “new territory” and fewer still of such may be compatible with your current character.

I have no idea what you are referring to in this quote here (beyond the fact that you might be referring to AoM possibly). There is almost nothing EXCEPT for maybe a couple “bosses” (such as Mogdrogen) that can’t be killed by a level 59 character on Veteran. With the exception of Mogdrogen I think you have little excuse for not being able to kill everything you come across.

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I revised your build and suggest you change your char accordingly:

  • I’m no expert with Aether Ray, but you want to wear a robe for it’s energy regeneration
  • The belt and life steal in general do not help you, if your spells do not have any weapon damage
  • Made changes to components, too
  • Rampage is not the best relic for you, Sanctuary or even Calamity should be better
  • Try to find a robe and a belt, which boost stats like Offensive / Defensive Ability, Resistances, Cast Speed, Energy (Regeneration) and Health
  • Check if faction vendors you are Honored with offer useful Augments for your weapons and accessories
  • With Aether Ray and Devastation you want to focus your damage types on Aether, Fire and some Lightning, and your Offensive Ability was rather low
  • Removed points from Trozan’s Sky Shard, Star Pact and Veterancy and put them into Inner Focus, Fighting Spirit, Reckless Power and some more
  • I totally reset your devotion points and selected stuff, which should be useful.
    • Use a Tonic of Clarity to free up your points
    • You also need to assign them to your skills
    • When you redistribute them, you need to buy back a point or two from Crossroads, which you can do at the spirit guide
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That is a big part of the genre, to farm and progress, farm and progress.

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Thanks to all for help

you said “The belt and life steal in general do not help you, if your spells do not have any weapon damage”
Yes i don’t use weapon and thus don’t get health from attack but what do you say about that this belt gives me 120% to all damages, - it’s significant to my character.
Why calculator shows just 104% of damage, - in the game i see 120?

Can it happen such situation when quanity of all quests will expire before i reach 100 level and what level is the final?

I don’t know how to do it coz there is no possibility to buy such robe on the market like in Path of Exile, - how can i get it?

It is a class of chest armor called “caster armor”
They drop all the time, in all flavors and you can buy them and craft them.

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The Grim Tools calculator do not load the stats of your chars gear, but take it from a data base. So you see the average rolls in Grim Tools.

I have no idea what you mean by the first part of that sentence but level cap is 100.

I also want to point out that there is certain content that is not accessible until you are ultimate difficulty. If you are worried about being bored grinding to level, just know there are all sorts of ways to level and some are less boring than others. One thing I suggest is maybing playing with someone online in a coop fashion, sometimes that makes levevling in the same content go by faster. Also when you mention “bosses in the north” I am assuming this means you did not finish AOM, which has a LOT of content and worth playing through.

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I meant: - what is the amount of bounties in game?
I meant: - what is the amount of “other” tasks in game?
I meant: - what is the amount of quests in game that give experience?
Can it be asserted that the amount of all tasks will be enough to level me up to 100 level?


Yes you can get to level 100 before doing all quests

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Yes you are right about AOM but it is not cool to kill giant flowers which damage you with green liquid.
I am convinced that monster should command respect by its big muscles and big size and should have teeth and tusks
I killed many flowers in Ashes of Molmouth :frowning:

Hurray!!! :slight_smile: