Interesting/strange/meme(?) builds you're most proud of

Probably sth like this.

Rest in peace


SoAF witchblade. Elemental cadence is a meme on its own, and I tested a lot of devotion setups, the one with seekers + ultos proved to be the best for crucible (more aoe clear), while the one with seekers + seru was slightly better for shattered realm boss rooms (more single target).

The challenge here was the quasi non-existent gear support for elemental cadence. Results were pretty satisfying, all main campaign content - including roguelikes - was extremely easy, crucible timers were decent (around 6:40) and SR 75 was doable, but aggro abuse for some nasty boss combos was required and Slathsarr was pure cancer in SR.

Chaos Stun Jacks Pyromancer.

Vitality Devastation Spellbinder.

Cold Blitz Blademaster (which I hope receives buffs in 1.1.7 :pray:).

Vitality Decay Cabalist

  • Stacks Vitality Decay from Bone Harvest, Reap Spirit, Reaping Arc, Blood Boil and Ill Omen.
  • Soulrend is chosen as the flat Frostburn on it is converted and applied through Bone Harvest with Blood Knight’s conversion as is any other flat Vitality Decay damage (Second Rite, Harbinger of Death, Irrah’s Blood etc.).
  • There is no other 2-handed melee weapon with flat Vitality Decay so Soulrend has to be used here, the other stats on it are great anyway.
  • Only major downsides to it I concede are lack of CC resists, I wouldn’t take this anywhere near Crucible or SR.

Credit to @Nery for posting a better non-DoT focused version of the build :smile:

I have GT links for other memey stuff that I’ve had ideas for but they’re untested.


My most meme concept is probably Sorc in Lokarr set able to take end-game content :stuck_out_tongue:

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My aether + chaos spinner or my aether spinner Opressor - really strong build.

Are we strictly talking only level 100 builds here? Or just build concepts/builds currently in development, IE; builds so weird and memey that they struggle to level past 75.

That’s awesome!

Your vitality FS Defiler is actually one of my favorite builds. There’s so much going on in that gear set.

What?! I didn’t even know I needed this, but apparently I need this.

Talk about whatever builds of yours you want. I’m looking for what you think is interesting, not necessarily builds that have to meet any particular endgame content thresholds. As much as polished builds are fun to see, I’m really enjoying this idea of players highlighting a specific build or couple of builds for their own individual reasons. Lots of fresh and exotic ways to experience the game here too!


Couldnt agree more. In that case, stand-by, I have a handful of meme type builds ive posted about on here already and many I havent ever shared, which I will do here later tonight.

For now I will share my most recent favorite. I wanted to make a build focused on using all the gear everyone complained about, but particularly the things people complained were horrible gear pieces. I then thought, wouldn’t it be funny to run a build focused on every piece of gear that has some kind of debuffing proc thats disadvantageous to the player. Thats how Harry the Has-been was conceived.

I enjoyed this hilariously terrible character so much i actually kept playing as him and pushing to make him survive the journey to level 100. Many deaths at the hands of drunken stumbling have proven this to be a very difficult task, as Harry has a prerequisite to his playstyle- he must always be under the effects of the Burrwitch Brew (hes an alchoholic).

I decided to focus on the jankier stats and mechanics in the game with him as i built as well, to add some flavor to his backround, pumping his dodge/deflect stats as high as possible and banking on them as his primary defense, while utilizing gear which drains his HP such as Hungering Void and the Sacrifice relic, to trigger procs that rely on HP dropping below certain amounts (Prismatic Diamond, and Blast Shield).

I came to love this build so much that i wrote some backstory to him and asked community for help finding more flavorful terrible gear for him here in his original thread.

Ill share more of mine later!


So glad you’re sharing! Full disclosure: I’ve actually been following your Harry the Has-been thread for a while and was hoping you’d share him. The fact that the build aspires to be… drunk(?) is endlessly amusing to me. I guess you could say he’s a… self-Saboteur.


im honored!! Dude, thank you for your kind words! I have so many builds going right now that i dont get to spend as much time on them as id like, doubly so since i work in a hospital and COVID19 is happening. Hopefully ill get more time to work on him soon.

Ill share my others later tonight! Thanks for this thread man, its a fun idea and gives those of us who are noobs and play casually the chance to really participate in a community build discussion and bring something to the table!


If you like endgame Lokarr set builds, you also need dis :sunglasses:: OwO - Pet Conjurer

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My most remarkable build is this Elemental Auramancer:

It main skill are damaging aura from Aura of Censure, Veil of Shadow Night Chills, Celestial Presence, and Ignaffar Presence. Build is weak and can’t even clear SR65, but it can surprisingly kill Mogdrogen without much effort, in fact this is my first build that can kill Mogdrogen.


Best build thread in a long time.


We need to revive the old Theorycrafting Dump.


Whilst levelling a Battlemage the other day, instead of forcewave, I tried something different. Milton Hart Head, Warden shield, lvl 50 movement rune, oleron blood, Aeon Hourglass. It worked out really well… Forever more Milton Hart has my respect :stuck_out_tongue:

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“I’m afraid I may have to break a promise. I’m not about to give up yet but things aren’t looking good outside. I was lucky to survive that first night when I volunteered to distract the rotten walkers while Bourbon and his group, including my little sister Sybil, made their way through to Devil’s Crossing. I believe in Bourbon and if anyone can get those people through, it’s him. Before they left, I looked Bourbon in the eye and told him to keep her safe. He put his arm on my shoulder and spoke in that calm reassuring tone of his. He told me that he would do everything he can, but I had to promise him something too: that I would not succumb to conventional forcewave leveling.”


I theorycrafted this with Conduit of Eldritch Whisper - elemental RR prefix but it doen’t seem promising. You need two perfect MI’s to overcap elemental resistance and get more DA and OA

I have a working 2H Scion of Arcane Force Warlock. I will post it sometimes next week. It uses Callidor’s Tempest. Or maybe I will do it tomorrow. I have everything prepared for it.