Internal Trauma/Blade Arc build

Hey guys,

can anyone point me out to a nice Internal Trauma build, that uses Blade Arc.

ATM I have pure 40 LVL soldier with maxed out Oleron’s Rage, Laceration,

9 pts in Blade arc and 9 pts in both Field Command/it’s modifier(forgot the name)

and I have 9 available skill points just hanging :slight_smile: .

IT focused builds lack duration support so they’re much weaker than other DoT builds. I tried IT and it was frustrating (opposite of what DoT builds should be)

For IT as a secondary focus i recommend Fluff’s Commando - Markovian/Warborn Commando Gladiator Crucible Farmer

Link is in compendium

THen what do you suggest?

I’d go Bleed, but undead and etherials are immune to this :frowning: .

You can try this one

No DoT here, it’s pure pierce and works w/o any of the mentioned gear besides Derm Slicer which is easy to find

Thanks for the assist, man - but… can we please avoid shield-included builds - I can’t stand those :frowning: .

A Battlemage is nice for:

  1. the scars of battle+conversion combo: grants you the best resistances you can get in the game against all mobility debuffs, letting you go and fight and retreat at will whatever the amount of slow/freeze/stun etc you may receive
  2. the menhir’s bulwark+sphere of protection: to get a nice total damage absorption
  3. Field command+Inner Focus: to maximize the offensive ability.

But the problem with the BM is the lack of health points in end game, and for this there is the Warder: best default HP pool combo in the game and nice 2H bonuses, but less mobility debuffs resistance, damage absorption etc. Another idea is to go commando for the Temper+Vindictive Flame bonuses+some extra cunning.

The problem with Internal Trauma is that there are too few sources of that damage type, and reflected DoT will deal too much damage to you, cause it’s physical.
My Cadence Witchblade uses Internal Trauma as secondary damage type (along with bleed), it mostly comes from Blitz and Siegebreaker. I doubt it can be used as primary damage type, it’s far easier and better just to use physical damage instead.

Then how about this?
My personal favorite -

The only non-Shield Soldier by me is this one -