Internal Trauma damage not displayed???

So, I will preface this topic by stating that I am a newb to Grim Dawn (played Path of Exile for the last 5 years and Diablo 2 for the better part of 12 years prior). Started last Saturday after downloading the game and I’ve hit level 45 with my Soldier/Shaman. Having a blast so far and I’m officially hooked.

So here’s my question…I opened the character stats screen and selected the DPS window (roman numeral “II”). When I scrolled down to Internal Trauma damage, it displays “0” as my damage? However, when I mouse over “Force Wave” (my main skill) it displays Internal Trauma damage. Is this a bug or is there a reason that the damage from Internal Trauma isn’t displayed below? See the screenshots for reference. Thanks in advance.

screenshot size aside, the reason the internal trauma damage on the second character page reads 0 is because you do not have any base IT(Internal Trauma for short) on your character or weapon, that section of character sheet only tracks if you get damage from devotion or base weapon damage.

your damage breakdown for forcewave is going to show it because well, it has it innate to the skill.

Thanks for the quick response and I apologize for the absurd looking screenshots. I uploaded them to Imgur directly from my Steam file and that’s how they appeared when I copied the links directly from Imgur and pasted them here.

You’ll want to shrink them in the future, before you upload them.

Or just put them in [noparse][/noparse] tags.