Internal Trauma Reflected Damage (over 200k for single hit)

So this is a knows matter but i just want to bring it up.

I recently tried a Targo Warlord build that happened to have about +500% trauma duration. When i hit some reflection mob (inevitably i do in crowded fights) check this out : With no reflected damage reduction, i take 7400 damage for 30 seconds. You heard it right, over 200k damage for single hit.

I stacked 94% Reflected Damage reduction (thanks to updated Titan Plating on helm and chest) and its still 439 damage for 30 seconds. I mean how often can you stack this much reflect reduction honestly?

The reason for this kind of damage is, because most builds usually dont go more than 30% or so physical res while your other resists are capped. So physical reflected damage is obscene compared to other elements.

I really belive this is an issue and should be adressed.



So I accidentally shot a reflect crab. What in the hell?

Excuse the low brightness, game was paused

Edit: Well this must be it then, something changed about how reflect damage works in There’s no way it’s a coincidence that Fabius’ blade barrier is causing issues all of a sudden while people report 200k reflect IT dots.

Lol, my Warder with 20k hp got oneshot by hitting a reflected hero in crowd. Ya, physical dmg reflection is much more punishment than other dmg types.

Maybe they raised % reflect on mobs along with increasing % reflect resist on Titan Plating to kinda “force” its usage over other components? I mean, I’m using it on most of my builds already for pierce res and armor, but on trauma and bleed builds it’s a must now I guess.

Which is fine. Why would we have multiple damage types if they all behaved the same?

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