Inventory Bag from Crucible

I really love the Crucible since it provides an alternate source of items and Devotion without giving rewards that are otherwise impossible to obtain during the campaign. People can use it or not since there is more or less no difference between characters who fight there vs. those who don’t. It ends up being a great break from the norm while still allowing for some character development.

One thing I’ve noticed, however, is that lower level characters can often have inventory struggles in the Crucible before they unlock bag upgrades during the campaign.

I would absolutely love a way to unlock bag upgrades in the Crucible, similar to the Devotion exchange. It could even be done at the same NPC and would, of course, not exceed the 5 bag maximum so as to not provide any advantage over non-Crucible characters. The cost in tributes could end up getting quite high (even up to 100 for the last couple bags, for example) so it isn’t necessarily more enticing than the main campaign. In other words, it would simply be an alternate method to unlock a bit of storage.

I like this idea and would use and enjoy it.

Would be great for my crucible only char :smiley: