Inventory Management QoL requests

I’ve got two requests/suggestions:

  1. Drag box inventory movement. For example, hold Shift and drag the mouse across inventory squares to select all items in them, then move them as a group. Would make it a lot easier to move components to stash, especially if we can place the whole group in a stash slot (Drop on tab) and have them auto-sort/stack.

Reason I want this is because I put all my components in the shared stash for the sake of convenience. But you can imagine that having to empty the character inventory item by item every time I return to base gets tedious.

Edit: Turns out I forgot about the shift left click item transfer. Still, the ability to drag a selection would be welcome, to keep the items in the same order and to immediately drop a bunch of them into the same stash tab.

  1. Option in game options menu to fill extra inventory bags before main inventory. This is just my personal preference, but anything I’d like to keep I put into the main inventory while I reserve the bags for vendor trash. As of right now, I have to manually move the vendor trash to the extra bags. Being able to have items picked up go into the extra bags first instead of fill up the main inventory would thus be very helpful for me.

This game could really benefit from a ‘Deposit all components’ button that appears when you have the stash open.

true, it would save me maybe 5 seconds on clicking on components while holding down shift for every 2 hours I play :wink: