Inventory slot for quest items

Inventory slot for quest items

Sure, sometimes, they’re small and take up few slots. But what if those are items like Rune Stone of Mogdrogen or all those Hidden Path items?

I’d love for a separate inventory slot just for quest items alone.

You got 5 secondary bags.
Just use one of them.

At worst they fill up about 1/3 of one bag, and even for that you would need to keep them rather than turn them in. If you do not have that much free inventory space, you are doing something wrong

Oh man, when I think about it, not such a great suggestion after all. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the replies, everyone.

I’m agree with hungrychicken.
i played 2 games and i see a great things.

  1. Pet sell your items in town or buy potions for you (Torchlight 2)
  2. If press an button in game will appear stash ( Sacred 2. there press X an npc add your stash)
    Will be great to see that things in game. Is just an ideas and i like very much. Maybe developers of game see this post and maybe will answer.

I like the idea. We should also have a separate space for crafting components just for tidiness sake.

This would be incredibly helpful. I would guess most players have an entire tab of their shared stash dedicated to components. If you don’t use a mod or 3rd party program for stash space that is kind of crazy.

Reducing the quest item size down to only one or two slots would help. Those hidden path runes shouldn’t be four slots big. Just having a list of quest items you’re carrying instead of the items taking up space in the inventory would be another way to handle it.

Knocking the scrap item down to 1 or 2 slots would be nice as well.

Having more shared space for the Smuggler would great, either bigger bags or more of them. If we get two more masteries in the expansion, then we’ll need more space to hold the items that we want to keep for those characters. I don’t know if Crate has an issue with file size if they have to house larger inventories in their uploaded database.

The GD inventory system is a big improvement over TQ.