Inventory & UI, minor improvements

Hello again.

I would much appreciate if the UI scaling options could be divided into the life/skills bar and the windows (character/inventory/skills etc).

Also the components, could they have a background corresponding their rarity and their completeness? As I said, I’m new and I have 8rows x 10columns = 80 pieces of clutter. At this point I’m very discouraged to sort through it. And I’m still on normal, can’t wait for what the next difficulty will bring.

How about: Rare components a green background, and complete components either a border. Or merge partial and complete components into one inventory cell and give them a title like “8/3 or 2.66 or 2+2/3”. Or just get rid of partial components (at least partial normal components) and let players find complete components with adjusted rarity.

It’s very nice they are highlighted at least, when you hover an item you want to upgrade. Though also only when equipped, they could be highlighted even when hovering a non-equipped item. The complete components button is also very nice QoL.

I think these suggestions aren’t unreasonable, so I hope to see them soon. Thanks.

There’s no point of changing the background of components because there are no difficulty-bound ones and every component will be used to craft something.

Iirc Rare components already have a different background/outline to normal ones.

Can there be a autoloot function for components like there is for health tonics?

No, that was decided against long ago.