Is a full respec possible? (masteries,stats and devotion)

Hi there :slight_smile:

Going to start my first character in grim dawn, for the first playtrough i want to use my “own” try it out build.

But later on i want be able to switch to a build out of the forums.
So its possible to respec anything, also stats?
If not its not the problem to set the stat points out of the buildguide and respec the rest later on?


You cannot respec mastery points or attribute points. Skill points and devotion points you can for a price.


So if i get a blademaster buildguide, the only thing i have to do is:
geting nightblade and soldier as masterys, and adding the right amount of the 3 stats.

The rest i can respec later on?

Yeah, once you choose your classes and any mastery points you put into each class, you cannot remove those later on. Only the points you put into skills and devotions can be removed.

Devotion points can also be respecced.

Yeah, forgot to put it in my second post. Thanks.

You can respec anything with a grim dawn trainer. Google one.

I personally think it’s complete and utter BS that full respecs aren’t possible in such a theorycrafting-heavy game as this. If I spend 80 hrs maxing out a character I should have every right to try different classes and I don’t like to replay old content just for that sake.

GD is somewhat sticking to the roots of ARPG mechanics like Diablo 2 which I played for thousands of hours. Diablo 3 did things differently; no need to replay the acts and just jump right into adventure mode, respec skills and paragon on the fly like wearing your alternating sets, etc… I think I’m one of those people who stopped playing after a few hundred hours because of that.

how is the respec price calculated?

Its geting more expensive after respecing point after point or is the price raising with my character level?

More expensive after each respec.

Thanks for the response. I’m also a new GD player and was interested in respec possibilities.

I’m not quite sure yet how confined I’ll feel about it, but if I want to experiment with different gear, having different stat requirements and all, will I be able to do so?

There are gear and devotions that lower your stat requirements. Some people also “bank” stat points just in case (they just don’t spend them).

As per the other responses, you cannot respec stat points, so playing with gear will be limited (if you put everything into melee, you won’t be able to equip caster things).
It seems it’s the same recipe TQ used: you can fix some build mistakes, but full respecs become too expensive - you can still do them if you wish, but it’s probably more time effective to simply start over.

Thank you very much. I’ll have that in mind. Cheers!

The price is 25 iron (the game currency) for each point you subtract from skills.

After a few times respec’ing (did not count, but i believe to be somewhere around 10 points), it doubles to 50, then 100, then 200…