Is a Mage Hunter a mage that hunts mages or simply a mage that hunts?

I’ve started a Mage Hunter which will be going to level 100 and have asked myself this question a few times today. Can anybody put this to rest? Has this class name been defined in this game or any other game, book, etc? An internet search provided nothing. I just want to know if my character specializes in hunting down renegade mages.

It’s a mage that hunts (mages).

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Otherwise it would be a Hunter Mage :wink:

If a Mage Hunter hunts mages, does a Hunter Mage mage hunters? :thinking:


Maybe Hunter Mage hunts Mage Hunters?

What I want to know is - on average : How many mages does a Mage Hunter hunt when the Mage Hunter hunts some mages?


I thought the same as mamba. Just needed some reassurance. I’d hate to put much time into a character without knowing what its class name meant. Thanks to all.

Don’t forget about the mage mage hunter hunter, who is a mage hunter hunter and also a mage

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My avatar is a Witch Hunter and he definitely hunts witches, so Mage Hunter must be seeking mages.

Makes sense to be a Mage that hunts Mages. The Luminari in lore acts as the police for unsanctioned use of magic and who better to handle Mages best than other Mages (e.g. Nullification, Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange).

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I’d say it’s a title for a respectable Inquisitor who knows about mages (aka arcanists) and uses that knowledge to seek and hunt them.

So a Witch Hunter is a witch hunting witches ?

its a hunter (inquisitor) + mage (arcanist) class.

so it is both :
-a hunter of magic users (heretics)
-a mage that uses their magic skills to hunt things (mages and other beings)

imo, even if the class itself is just an inquisitor, their skillsets are fitting for a mage hunter/hunter mage. since they use both magics and rune traps.

That’d be a Mage Hunter Hunter or Mage Hunter².

if we follow this thread’s direction of logic, then that means paladins are holy knights that righteously hunt other paladins who are also holy knights. their hunt against each other is very righteous, and enemies they fight are also righteous… wait, wat.

I alway knew that troolodins are evil yandere.

how so ? Paladin does not have anything about hunting in the name, let alone about what gets hunted.

Witch Hunter, Mage Hunter, Deer Hunter, etc. all do. So we know what they hunt.

Now the second part is, is a mage hunter also a mage ? Since it is the combination of Inquisitor and Arcanist the answer is yes (as Arcanist is a magic user).

So a Mage Hunter is a magic user / mage hunting mages. All very clear to follow, for Paladin I can just repeat your ‘wait, wat ?’

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paladin in fantasy tropes hunts undead. holy smite, turn undead, double deader dead, and such.

well, i forgot to add undead in that train of paladin logic, so thats my fault.

my point is, this thread’s logic is headed toward direction of:

mage hunter is a mage with the job of hunting other mages which also can hunt other mages too, they are also a hunter who uses magic to hunt other hunter that uses magic too.

ouroborous, where’s the head, where’s the tail, they all eat each other with no distinction where it starts and where it ends.

then it hit me.

philosophically, grim dawn had this dark n gritty theme of scavenging whatever you can in a dying world to survive, and magic is very involved in the process.

do best you can with what you’ve got, steal and use the power of your enemies, use dark (and light. and neutral) magics to survive whatever monstrosities thrown in your way. celestial, eldritch, primordial, aetherial, chaos, abyssal, elemental, almost every builds, even the physical focused one, are going to be involved in such magic.

hm, then i shouldn’t have said wait wat, but nod grimly instead at the fitting analogy of what most people are doing in cairn all this time. being magical while going on hunting trips.

Acutally if you google mage hunter definition you’ll call up several definitions of the class depending on which game you want to look at: World of Warcraft, Dragon Age, Sylvhara, Dungeons & Dragons, etc.

yes, as does everyone else

still don’t see how you manage to circle back to hunting other paladins

except that the thread doesn’t do that…

I believe we have established that a) a Mage Hunter hunts mages (this really should be a no brainer) and b) is a mage himself (within the rules / logic of GD) - and that is where it ends. Nothing is being said about who those other mages are, what they do or why they are being hunted.

You need for this to be a very specific thing to arrive at the circle you want it to be, but there is nothing that indicates that this is the case.

While the game gives no indication for this either, I find it more likely that a mage hunter is kinda like the military police, or internal affairs at the police, ie a member of a group (here mages) hunting rogue elements within that group (with Mage Hunters having the Inquisitor mastery)

Ourobouros also has a very distinctive head and tail, it’s just that the head has the tail in it’s mouth. That does not at all mean that we have no idea which is which or where they are.
So your analogy is indeed a good one in that it does not work, just like the argument you used it as an analogy for :wink:

which would make everyone a mage hunter, making the distinction entirely pointless. Also, there are not really (m)any mages the player char fights that you would commonly understand to be mages rather than some kind of monster with magic abilities, so this too does not really work.