Is aggroing SR bosses one by one intended?

Not sure how this can be considered an exploit. If anything it takes some skill to pull this off effectively. Plus, it allows more builds to excel in SR and adds an alternative to the facetank playstyle.

If it feels like a poor point to you, it is because I merely flipped yours. So pot calling the kettle black.

My issue is that it’s inconsistent. On some boss floors it’s small enough that you always get all 4 aggroing you. On others they don’t aggro you at all until you move.

Sometimes when you inch forward to aggro 1 boss, they all end up coming. Other times you can just pull one because it spawned a little further than the rest.

So long as there’s a consistent approach to SR floors then I’ll be more or less placated. But I think it’s poor and tedious design that you can go 10+ floors deeper than you otherwise would be able to by cheesing out 1 boss at a time. It’s not even time efficient.

SR is random and inconsistent by design. It would remain so, even regardless of how boss aggro works.

You are basically saying that instead of some Shards being easier than others, let us make them all harder for better consistency.

That would only make things worse for most builds out there, so no thank you.

But if you want it changed that badly, why not just mod it in?

My issue is that it’s inconsistent.

Are you sure, this should be the 1st “issue” adressed concerning the whole RNG of SR?

Even if you aggro all 4 bosses at once, you can always get things like Herald or Zantarin which stay in the background and sometimes even help you (I think (not 100 % sure) you can heal from the skeletons and even gain time for killing them).

Since when is NOT having every single boss rush you the instant you start called an exploit… FFS I’m old enough to remeber when this very mechanic was call a stair trap and hated. Now that you don’t find this game hard enough you want to return to hated mechanics. :rolleyes:

So it’s an exploit to NOT blindly rush into the middle of the largest group of strongest mobs regardless of any safer options… FFS what are people smoking.

This is the 2nd thread where the same things are repeated again and again… On one side we have the NOT rushing instantly into the largest group of bosses is “Cheesing” and using exploits…and on the otherside the people that enjoy NOT being instantly swarmed by bosses the moment you start.

There’s no way this is going to end up with a happy ending. The views are too far opposed to ever reach agreement. Basically if this turns into a boss bum rush with no options then what’s the point of playing.

Saying something in reverse to try to make my point look bad is dumb because it takes 0 consideration for the context/factors involved in why making my point.

See: The sky is blue. The sky is orange.

The argument that it makes SR harder is sort of moot, because you could then just advocate for letting them aggro you all at the same time but make SR difficulty scale slower if you hate the challenge and you’d thus get the result of fighting all the bosses at once while still reaching the same depth.

I wasn’t advocating for consistency of difficulty, I was advocating for consistency of how boss shards function. What I see here is players enjoying what I believe to be an exploit until it’s said to be otherwise.

If you weren’t meant to fight them all together, why are they all in a small arena together that often does aggro them all at once? In this case I care less what people arbitrarily feel is appropriate in difficulty (purely subjective) and more about what the intended gameplay is supposed to be.

I was under the impression that you’re supposed to have to deal with the bosses together. If Zantai were to state that it is intended that you can aggro one at a time, then I’d drop this topic.

Aggroing them one at a time feels like I’ve sabotaged the intense fight I was supposed to have. It’s a gimmick to get around the challenge I was supposed to face. You might as well not have four bosses at all if you’re just going to kill them one by one.

I know I’m rubbing people the wrong way when they ignore parts of my post. I didn’t say they should all immediately aggro you from the start. I am saying that once you DO aggro them, they should all be aggro’d. I don’t like them bumrushing you the moment you spawn in. It causes issues on slower computers and in multiplayer.

The fact that people think this isn’t cheese confounds me. The whole point of the increasing amount of bosses is so that you have to deal with their kits being used together AKA the shards getting harder as you progress. Being able to deal with them one at a time negates a huge portion of SR’s challenge.

In this case I’d wager a bet that it’s a case of “what are YOU smoking” thinking that pulling one at a time is what Crate intended for SR.

But like I said, if this is an intended feature of SR I guess I’ll just keep using it lol.

Déjà Vu:eek:

Currently you can’t really do more than 2x bosses at a time, melee especially , the others can kite anyway. And how you fuck up the aggro is up to you. I’d like to stress, again, that you can aggro them if you want to prove anything

So either SR is remade totally at boss floors or leave it be.

Simply making all of them aggro you would simply mean insta death for most builds.

And no i don’t believe in lowering the bar for some. Like some Builds doing 75 but others 60. Equitability for all types of builds

It really doesn’t make much sense to have more than one boss, if you can fight them one after another. It makes their number basically meaningless apart from the timer. I find it hard to believe that it’s supposed to be this way. I’m also sorry to say that the arguments for keeping the status quo mostly sound like “don’t take my loot”.

On the other hand it’s also hard to believe that this did not come up pre-release during testing (not aimed at praetorians).

Back in the poll thread I argued hard for swarm. Now, I think aggro abuse is FINE!:mad: This is how people wanna play it: 1) so that it’s different from crucible and 2) so that max levels (let’s call 75 a max level) can be cleared - if inconsistently - by most players without much effort in the buildcrafting and piloting departments. People wanna feel strong. SR is the answer.

But seriously, boss spawning and positioning should be improved. At least make the thing consistent.

And PLEASE stop calling it * s t r a t e g i z i n g * I’m gonna gonna flip the hell out if I hear that again.

Ouch, foul play. 75+ without much effort…

agree with adoomgod

aggro abuse not funny thing

I hope we will get rid of this in the next patch

No, no! The other thread was “make SR bosses attack all at once” or something similar. :stuck_out_tongue:

You talk for yourself i don’t know what kind of build you are using ( maybe billion aether cluster GD stashed ?) but i find SR hard enought like it is right now …


s t r a t e g i z i n g

There is no strategizing, piloting, buildcrafting involved in getting bound by Banjo or ported by valdaran and then sucking in Grava’s balls.

Separating them and dealing with them individually at least gives the player some control over the encounter.

I didn’t say anyone. I said most players. I didn’t say “effortlessly.” I said “without MUCH effort.” And then I added “inconsistently.”

I was wording my post s t r a t e g i c a l l y.

Now I’ll strategically aggro Superfluff:

I followed that thread and I voiced my concerns there that those builds were inadequate. One had some res undercapped and like 5% overcap on elemental. IMO only the bomberman build was imo "excellent"and that one featured crucible vids.

Now, I’ll aggro Boromonokli, most strategically:

Hoping that the enemy that was randomly positioned closest to you will aggro and others won’t - this is not a strategy. A strategy features planning. SR aggro abuse only features hoping for the best outcome.

My only way of imagining a “fix” topic that probably won’t go away for this is a “DPS check” aggro. So that all buulds stand a chance.

So like:

  1. You enter Boss chunk and 2x bosses Attack you from the start (preferably Nemesis+Support)
  2. 20 Seconds later the others come maybe not at once but with a 5-10 second difference between them.

This way the Map level checks how good your DPS/ defense is to survive a consistent stream of dangerous enemies. At some point, if they are not good enough, you will get overwhelmed.

As someone playing HC stuck in log arena hell unable to get to 60+ because of this damn arena, I envy all of you that even have an option :frowning:

That’s a very good idea.

In my opinion boss stages should have different modes. They should vary but on a set and consistent basis. Not based on rng of “manage to abuse aggro or die.”

Ideas like this one should be collected (there’s another good one in the comments of the poll thread) and implemented. Either at random so that every boss stage has a different mode every time at random. Or preplanned, like 75 is always swarm with easier combos and 76 is always the Fluff’s idea, etc.

very bad idea

nice for solo heroes (like belgo)
very very bad for AOE magic heroes (it will take a long of time to pass SR)

I shouldn’t even be replying to you but you either want some kind of aggro or not.

I suggested a fair way that doesn’t immediately overwhelm you