Is aggroing SR bosses one by one intended?

If not please remove the cheese that lets you aggro a single SR boss at a time.

It makes SR a bajillion times easier.

I think SR is hard enough without having all the bosses bum rush you like they do in Crucible.

Also, if that is cheesing, so are things like fighting Aleks under an arch.

I think given how crazy deep Shards are and how straight up unfair are some boss combinatios for some classes (like Grava/Slathzar for melee) it’s cool that you can fight bosses one on one there. More than fair.

Didn’t we have a thread for this already…

I forget. My list of minor things to pester you with is too long to keep track of <3

Even if they aren’t programmed to bum rush you, they could be programmed so that if you aggro one you always aggro them all. That is what I’m suggesting. Having them rush you immediately as you enter their lair is a bit annoying but personally I don’t mind that. But there is a middle-ground here.

Aggroing them one at a time defeats the point of there being multiple bosses in the room… I’m pretty damn sure it’s not intended.

Still the same end result in that Shards will be made more difficult than they already are.

And speaking of difficulty, due to the random nature of SR, it fluctuates wildly. Having to take on all the bosses at once would make the randomness even worse.

Also as it stands, if you can’t complete a Shard, regardless of how many you have conquered on your way, you are left with no loot.

So taking all that into consideration, I definitely don’t see the need to change how boss shards work at the moment.

I can only support this if the following is true:

  1. All arenas are as good as 60(65?)+ lava arena (seriously, that arena is best boss arena in the game, I wish others were more like it).
  2. All or almost all bullshit boss combinations are impossible.

If we keep current randomness in boss setups I would argue that we need all arenas to allow aggroing bosses separately. Right now at high shards only lava arena allows this somewhat consistently in multiplayer (still sometimes bosses decide to all rush you immediately after loading into arena), shattered realm portal arena in multiplayer means you have to fight all bosses at once, and what’s worse is if you die in this arena in multiplayer bosses don’t go to their spawn positions and stay on top of entrance, making it almost impossible to come back into fight.

Every time i see a thread like this i dream one day we’d have varied boss counts, with some boss rooms being a single boss that has decent HP and mixed/randomized abilities so we can skillfully dodge them rather than aggro abuse :S.

I posted a poll not long ago. Removing aggro abuse lost big time.

inb4 surprise superbosses in SR :stuck_out_tongue:

It really is what we need. Have a 25 million HP Korvaak that can actually do all his phases and abilities would be good fun.

I mean you can dodge most of his abilities so squishies, kiters, tanks, pets can all do him well with abit of skill.

Because currently some combo are so absurd very few builds can face tank them, hence the aggro abuse because there are literally no other option before you are instagibed.

Had we just have one or two superbosses with the occasional trio superbosses rotating the SR this shouldn’t be a problem.

Just because people whine and want their game easy peasy does not mean that exploits should remain in game.

How certain is this to be considered an exploit?

Since the tech exists (crucible) but was not implemented, is this “working as intended”?

Selective engagements, eclipsing your enemies, using terrain, Horatius at the Bridge, etc. is part of life, warfare, games since time immemorial.

No pig in this fight but crucible engagement makes sense, and exploring/battling thru a “shattered realm” without engagement also makes sense to me.

Perhaps small arenas to serve as dps/defense checkpoints?

Just because people whine and want their game hard as hell does not mean that strategy should not remain in game.

Don´t only blame the gamers. :wink:

You want to aggro all at once? Okay, I am with you, when giving my toons space and possibilities to separate them, cc them, etc. Because to separate “the cow from the herd” is a valid tactic and one necessary for some combinations/deeper shards in general.

To always fight 4 bosses at once is only 1 thing imho: A gear check, which will result sometimes in the following: Buff up, pop up Cluster, focus fire one boss, get every other deffensive measures you got, hope 1st boss dies…then you die, wait Cluster CD to be finished…repeat.

I actually have done that tactic in deep SR:D.Actually at some point I can facetank just through cluster,but going 4on1 every time will force you to kamikaze kill one boss and respawn,unless you’re retaliation build or Idk what.

What do you think how I survived f*** as 2 Valdaran plus Mad Queen in 77 (?)? :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t I ask you this exact question like 5 hours ago?

And as I said in ya_'s thread:

Why get rid of a mechanic that has been a staple of the RPG genre for two decades?

To counter your poor point: My issue is that it’s inconsistent. On some boss floors it’s small enough that you always get all 4 aggroing you. On others they don’t aggro you at all until you move.

Sometimes when you inch forward to aggro 1 boss, they all end up coming. Other times you can just pull one because it spawned a little further than the rest.

So long as there’s a consistent approach to SR floors then I’ll be more or less placated. But I think it’s poor and tedious design that you can go 10+ floors deeper than you otherwise would be able to by cheesing out 1 boss at a time. It’s not even time efficient.