Make enemies in SR boss stages aggro all at once?

No, i’t why I post wth a bit of a chunk before the fight and also use no potions at all even for heals.

You wanna know if they are lying or not? Simple. Look at timer. If they died over and over. Timer is gonna be really low or 00:00

I am just exagerrating fluffy but do you think its a good idea to put a death count just to properly measure builds. A death or two says a lot you know and the timer wont paint a real picture because it will just be replenished later on if u make a comeback in performance?

If you get really low it’s hard to come back. Unless you had to kite a lot which is fair depending on rng.

bUT. If it goes to 0:00 it’s over. At SR 81 game changes a lot now. My belgo did 75-80 stable. I have vids for 75, 76, 77,78, 79 (gotta choose lol) At 81 I had to stopp and give it a slight tweak and timer went out. I still recorded it, for science. If anyone wants to push that palcenow they’ll know what to do.

But I don’t have time to run it all again

jeez, god forbid we get to use our brains more in the game. Why not go a step further and just have the fight autoresolve itself without player input depending on pure stats?

Wait, that’s called warlord.

Some nemesis&boss combos are truly impossible to be defeated if you fight them alltogether at the same time

TIL pulling and strategy is cheese. :rolleyes:

Aggro abuse, what the fuck?

If YOU want to pull them all at once, just do so.

“Problem” solved.

Silly thread.

Yes, of course they should attack together.

Now SR is too easy with luring out bosses one by one, and became a lotery when sometimes bosses could not be separated. With common aggro this random thing will be removed.

But I also want to suggest:

  1. all enemies should return to their start location after player’s death.
  2. and location should be cleared of all effectes and summons after death.
    Short - arena should be fully refreshed, except killed bosses.

For example. Blue SR’s shar’zul spawn a lot of fire winds, helixes and another burning ground things, and after death I should wait for 30 sec or even more till they dissapear, because returning immediately is suicidal.

just take that extra step and wish is granted.

I like how weeks ago people complained that maps are too small and you get too easily ganked, now others want it hard and rough:rolleyes:

-1 from me.

Unless the difficulty is toned way down, it will just make things near impossible for a lot of builds. even at lower shards. If anything I still want some of the Boss Rooms to be made bigger.

With the quantity and strength of enemies in boss waves as it is now? No.

If they’re all going to charge me at once, 4 bosses (a number of which can come with extra bosses or adds in tow) is too much.

But I do quite like this idea, though I’d personally prefer it if waves gradually advanced when you defeat a boss rather than based on time. For example:

  • Boss A and Boss B spawn and both charge you.
  • Once you kill either of them, Boss C spawns, leaving you with either A/C or B/C.
  • Once you kill either of them, Boss D spawns, leaving you with either A/D, B/D or C/D.
  • Once all four bosses are dead, you can progress to the next Shard.

Whatever happens, you’re not facing more than 2 bosses at once. Yes, they charge you, but having 2 bosses charge you at once feels like a fair middle ground between the “lure and fight 1 at a time” and “fight all 4 at once” options we have now, imo.

Heck, if boss spawns were implemented gradually like this, maybe we could even bump the limit up a little - make you fight 5-6 bosses total instead of 4 at Shard 75, for example.

On “why just you yourself don’t aggro them all at once if you want to”.

Because the SR is going to be balanced around the feedback of people using that pulling “strategy”. To be precise, it is already balanced this way. People are asking for the game to be balanced differently so that they didn’t had to hope for lucky pulls.

Your solution to the problem is, wow, really something… Why haven’t anyone thought of that before? You’re a genius!

BTW what’s sillier than willingly speaking up in a discussion you consider silly?

I also have a solution to warlord oupiedness - that requires no nerfs. Try to move the mouse with the power of your mind! See how op they are then!

Seriously guys, this argument is paper thin…

Aggro all at once, yeah, we lost. I suspected that but not by such a margin. I’m kinda disappointed that so many people support the idea that this whole new game mode - that devs busted their asses for and community awaited with such anticipation - should now revolve around one and the same cheese in every stage…

I have genius solution to WL being OP,don’t play with them,problem solved:D.As for enemies attacking at once,than how about like in Ultimate Campaign after you’ve died,Bosses will regain portion of health and not full health.This way if you have big dps,you can focus on burst down weak link in the combo./

This is actually a great idea.

This could be one of multiple modes of boss stages. Introductory stages already have a couple different modes (mines, chests, the aetherial “tree”). Why not boss stages as well?

Aggro all at once might sound scary but the main point is to make it more consistent and less rng.

This thread is million times better than cinema. Continue, please.

I should’ve bought some pop-corn on my way home…

You are interpreting it in a very negative way.

At higher shards, the Clump of pain that awaits you might very well spawn near you all at once…why aggro even?

I like the idea of picking your battles, within reason. Because rnG will force you into a position that is just bad at some point.

Idk what cheese you are talking about unless you cherry pick the instances that are not too difficult because you get reasonable nemeses.

You get Ganked by something like Reaper/Kaisan with a nasty support purple that debuffs you I wonder how that would look other than a marathon.

If we are talking cheese, the cheesiest thing i’ve personally seen is dargging around all bosses at SR 90+ with fire and forget spells…amazing:cry:

I don’t think i like your tone :slight_smile: It does not suit you, there are enough that talk like this on the forum these days, don’t join them please. Aggroing Nemeses in SR is as arbitrary as playing no buff/banner crucible. Just to show that you can, if you have the patience. Nothing wrong with it. The choice is there is both cases. It’s a literal challenge you can force on yourself, I wasn’t just being funny

The comparison you make is really salty and makes no sense here

That is the way I play and yeah, still remains the same.

Aggro all at once? No, unless the player is given reasonable tools to deal with them, such as guaranteed shrines, other buffs, more CC reductions, etc.

If you get something like Slathsarr or Anasteria aggro linked to another hard boss it’s already as good as impossible for most builds since you can’t build around your resists being halved, or having 50% miss chance + all sorts of other stuff.

I’d go as far to say I’d want the opposite: allow the player to suicide to park a specific nasty boss away so you can deal with the rest in an order he’s strategizing around.

+1 to parking bosses, but without the need to actually suicide for it.