Make enemies in SR boss stages aggro all at once?

Rephrasing, do you mind the “SR aggro abuse”? Would you rather have all enemies automatically aggro in boss stages a bit like in crucible?

Choose yes if you want a change in how enemies aggro in boss stages so that they attack in full force right from the start.

Choose no if you prefer things to be left as they are with the possibility (chance?) of pulling enemies one by one.

Or maybe you have another idea?

My vote is a hesitant yes. Imo SR aggro abuse is a little cheesy. I’d rather allow for a substantial increase in SR difficulty if it means turning it into a more objective measure of my builds’ performance. I don’t want SR to be even harder but I’d accept that in order to decrease the rng element of SR and make it harder for inadequate builds to achieve results by brute force and trial and error. I want my SR results to be a reward for the time spent optimizing my builds, finding compromises and solutions for all challenges SR can offer. Not for the time spend tiptoeing, hoping Kaisan/Grava don’t aggro first and restarting from 75 again and again until I nail the optimal conditions.

Some rooms doesn’t allow you to pick fights one by one.If all enemies are aggroing you at once is done and maybe is fair then difficulty needs to be decreased or at least boss rooms to be bigger(we’ll see the change).If that’s not the case you have to facestank the whole wave,which can bring negative impact on diversity of builds that can complete SR 75.But definitely is interesting topic for discussion.

Given that some boss combinations have a hugely disproportionate effect on some classes of builds, like Mountain Dew Basilisk and just about any melee autoattacker, I’d have to say no for the moment. Perhaps if the upcoming patch irons out the difficulty curve so you don’t get Grava, Kaisan, and 50% fumble pools, then it might be more reasonable.

I vote Yes because I prefer consistency, and I agree with the notion that hoping for luck with agro is not where things should be.

So you want everyone stop at Shard 70 pretty much :slight_smile:

If what you are suggesting comes to pass, then the power difference between tanks and glass cannons will only widen further.

Respectful, but hard no from me.

Voted no, for SR in it current iteration. Agro abuse is the only thing that allows non-optimal builds to reach decent Shard levels, I’m talking SR 25-50, not higher.

The problem I see with full agro of multiple bosses is that it just amounts to some raw build check. You have enough defenses to not insta-die, or you don’t, and it over-emphasize building defensively.

I’m not against a less random system, but for me, it should take the form of Boss waves : you take the same boss compositions as now (or the one after the patch), but instead of making them all spawn at the same time, you make them spawn in three waves with 10-15 seconds intervals. That way, offensive builds can take on waves one by one, or at the least reduce the danger by taking a couple bosses before they’re all here, and defensive builds can’t do that but can take the full spawn on.
Difficulty will still increase with the scaling of the first wave, starting with simple bosses, and ending with couple Nem spawning even in the first wave…

Anyway, that’s how I would balance things, and there, yes, there, I would agree with Boss instant aggro.

But what’s wrong with that? It’s not power difference but power in SR difference. And it’s perfectly fine that builds are different in what they can achieve in different settings. This is diversity, no? I’ll use the Venomblade example again. Dmt’s setup does 75 no problem and mine stutters as shallow as 55. But mine does crucible 1:00-1:30 faster than hers. Neither is more powerful than the other.

Another example, I made a build, and it started dying all the time around 72. I know I could’ve pushed that 75 after n tries, catch it on a vid and then write sth like “PURE BADASSERY 75 FUCK-OFF” in the title (actually I wanted to do just that but that damn rng…;)). But it was an SR65-70 build. If it’s a 65 build it shouldn’t have an easy shot at 75. Just like if it’s a 6-minute crucible it should do 5:20 (by the same pilot at least). I think consistency is more important then the number SR# you can flash on fb or print on your T-shirt.

Especially that there’s no real difference between 65 and 75 except the scaling and number of mutators.

Hmmm…that’s a solid point, and a hard one to refute.

I’m not sure if what I’m about to say next is off tangent (ignore me if it is), but how is ‘aggro abuse’ any different from using things like overhangs to counter aleksander?

Or using chokepoints to make nems body block each other in cruci so you minimize the damage taken?

I mean, the common thread in all the examples above is that the player is taking advantage of the A.I’s ‘stupidity.’

My answer is no. I really hoped that SR would be different from crucible in terms of gameplay. And what we got? Another shit-storm multiple boss fiesta. You tank or you die just simple things.

Some rooms are actually very lame right now, even if your build was created to kite you can just go fuck yourself cause you’ve got this logg arena in which all bosses just nuke you instantly and there is nothing you can do about it.

Your build and build by Dmt is Dervish?So if someone wants to play in both places can use your spec for fast Crucible farming and hers for SR.That means you can play same character with same item core differently and complete your goals.So if you want to cut aggro one by one style,you will probably decrease or completely destroy Dmt chance to finish SR 75 in time.That will limit build diversity in SR drastically.Change the aggro,without changing difficulty level is not sound idea,at least this is my opinion.

What are you talking about? Plenty of glass cannons do just fine in crucible - even without buffs/banners

That’s correct. If difficulty isn’t adjusted hers would fall from 75 to 65 and mine from 55 to 45. Nothing really changes except the number. Build diversity stays intact.

As for Spanks’ arguments that anti-Alex crucible arches are also cheese, yes they are. But they don’t give a 8:00 build a 5% chance of becoming a 6:00 build for a minute of glory. If they did I’d vote against them. Because I don’t have time to test every build myself but I enjoy following the meta. And when J_S does 4:45 on Agrivix in 7.1, I wanna know it wasn’t a fluke.

I’m talking about bosses in SR and not cruci. Since cruci have fixed difficulty ofc you can do whatever and still finish it. But SR is completely different story.

You can easily kill 4 nems on 170. But 4 nems at once in 75 SR? Hell no.

Let me ask you this?

Do all Nems Aggro at once in Cruci?

You have time to kill one or two given the offensive power you have there.

You like to kite in circles no buffs Cruci and have the patience for that, that’s another thing.

Don’t worry. At some point in SR enemies hit so hard that you’ll have to move around and you’ll aggro plenty.

I tweaked a build for 75-80 2 days agao and when 81 hit it was GG Reaper Kaisan and Lucian raping you.

Don’t be over confident cause you can pick some of them out.

Answer is No, especially as a melee player. Cheese WD/ Bwc etc. or DoT casters can run around in circles for all i care and you have the option to aggro them deliberately you know? :P. Just be brave and take a few extra steps forward. No programming needed

Correct. Crucible difficulty is at best at SR 65

take 20 SR stages off for melee not 10

Smooth!You have nice arguments.If you proposal is in game,all builds will suffer similarly and the balance/diversity not gonna be changed.Speaking about Agrivix,I wonder how is fare in SR and Crucible currently?

Agrivix? It’s invincible in SR. For 3 seconds. :smiley:

I know I could’ve pushed that 75 after n tries, catch it on a vid and then write sth like “PURE BADASSERY 75 FUCK-OFF” in the title

SR in the nutshell :smiley:

i did that with pure DPS belgo for fun and will post it, for fun, nothing to be proud of. I just fought Anasteria&Moose at the start. Got good Rng on first try and teh fight didn’t last long.

Naturally you tweak for SR. So now it can do 75-80 reliably

Not sure, but would not this make SR viable only for tanky builds? As far as I know, Crucible enemies are way weaker than the ones from SR (the SR ones get only damage modifier -17% iirc).